Who Are You?

One of the drawbacks of WordPress is that I can see how many people visit this blog, but nothing else about them. Are you all related to me? Probably. But humor me and leave a comment here with who you are/where you’re located so I can thank you for dropping by.

516 thoughts on “Who Are You?

      • Hi BirdAbroad. I live in Coventry (UK), 15 miles away from Mark (thegreenpoems). I don’t know him, but his picture looks familiar…
        My friend Philip, who knows everyone in the world – he is very sociable – has a sister who lived in London and she had a driving instructor who’s mother knew a woman who lived in her street, who knew a man who’s dentist used a newsagents (newspaper seller) who’s 2nd cousin had sat on a plane in a seat next to you – BirdAbroad.
        So I do know you, BirdAbroad, erm, sort of. You see, we are all connected: by ‘six degrees of separation’.

    • Just nosing about with an interest in things Chinese, an internet tourist, you might say, following a link from a BBC site – re: fake Apple retail store.

      I like the way you write.

      I am not your sister, either.

    • I live in scarborough in the UK, presently i am working offshore in Qatar, i stumbled across your blog while reading an article on the BBC website, I dont really think i am your sister, but hey whatever floats your boat!!!,
      oh great blog by the way. thank you. Ian.

  1. Looking forward to getting to know you now that we will be cousin’s through marriage. I am RP’s mother’s first cousin, the next youngest of the G’witz cousins. Live in Maplewood, NJ.

  2. I just got you blog as a similar suggestion to my new post so I checked out you post… you have a beautiful blog and some awesome pictures… I’m from Kerala,India.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog! Kerala was wonderful – I would love to go back there some day.

      You have amazing crocheting skills, by the way…

  3. Hi Jess, I was just thinking about my year in Kunming and what my options are after this year in Oxford, so I friended you on Fb and found myself here to say hello and reminisce through you the hassles of travel to Fuxian, the absurdity of 辣子鸡, and all other ‘oddities’ of Yunnan. I hope [your NGO] is treating you well, and hope to meet again someday. Cheers,

    • Hey Steff! Sorry for the delay in replying – how are you liking Oxford? Will you be back in Zhongguo any time soon?

      Feel free to come back to my blog and reminisce any time. 🙂

  4. Hi Jess, We met via FACES some years ago… I’ll be back in Beijing in December and would love to catch up again somewhere in China if the winds so comply. (Especially as I will be eager to get out of Beijing – not my favorite place in the past 5 years.)

  5. Your Apple store story seems to be going viral on Google+. Came for that story, stayed for the fascinating Yiddish(!!!) report on China.

  6. I am in Paris, and it is the first time I am visiting your blog. At 27 you lived in so many places, it’s crazy!
    I came for the Apple store story, it s going around twitter I think.

  7. Your Apple Store blog post has truly gone viral. Engadget and Apple Insider have both picked it up. I came here for that, and spent a lot longer reading lots of other brilliant posts. You’ve got a great writing style, and have had some amazing travels!

    Steve, a Scandinavia-loving Brit, who has never set foot in China, but once visited Japan…

  8. I’m from the Philippines. I’ve never been to China (probably never will) and mostly likely we’re not related…

    Earlier, I was browsing through my “Stream” (yeah, Google+) and found a post regarding the fake Apple Store. That’s how I ended up here.

    Loving your blog!

  9. hi, I came across this blog accidently, ah, actually from the facebook, nice to know you! I am located in China, maybe we will meet someday! LOL

  10. Greetings from Germany! It really seems that your Apple story makes some great marketing fro your blog 🙂 Came here from de.engadget.com and stayed here some time reading through your posts. Nice and interesting blog!

  11. MRH from Brisbane, Australia and here via twitter for your great applestore story, which I intend to share. Thank you.

  12. “Apple Store” is trending on Twitter; loved your post! Was in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing and Xi’an in May. Definitely an interesting experience! Liking your blog, very interesting.
    By the way, I’m Shawna, a postgrad student living in Dublin but from Colorado/California :]] As far as I know, we’re not related…but hey! Stranger things have happened.
    Thanks for sharing your stories!

  13. Greetings from Germany. It seems that your Apple store photos are doing a great job in marketing now 😉 I came here via de.engadget.com and spent some time with reading your blog. Nice and interesting blog, thank you!

  14. Great post about the Apple Store – it made me laugh! I found you through Twitter, we’re not related, I live in London and this is my first visit to your blog.

  15. I am Luca, in Cheltenham and I design and print cotton. Amazed at your latest post about the Apple fakes. Must say it only reinforced my determination never to oursource and “keep it real”. Best of luck to you folks and thanks for the entertainment.

    For a minute I thought it might be less than wise leaving my email address here. But then, I recalled how familiar I am already to my firewall visitors from China. They have been pinging up against it for ten years now so I am fairly sure they vacuumed up all my designs long ago!

  16. MSNBC.com posted the story of the fake Apple store from your blog this morning. GREAT article.
    Me from White Plains, NY, and this is my first time in your blog, but I will visit it regularly. Keep on the good work!

  17. In UK for last few weeks before relocating to Xi’an teaching for two years. Read about this story on Twitter. Fascinating piece and follow-on comments – looks like reality is in the eye of the beholder judging by many of them. Excellent case study material for a Business lesson, which I intend to re-use. Thanks!

  18. I’m a Norwegian dude married to a Chinese bird ans spends quite a bit of time in the Fujian province and on tech blogs. 8o)

  19. Came here via Retweet from BrokeintheCity about your Apple Store post.

    I’m a Canadian recently moved to the Isle of Man – little island in the Irish Sea between Ireland and England/Scotland.

    Need to do a mosey on your blog. Interested in many things childbirth related. My first, and only so far, birth was a homebirth with midwives. Government supported and paid for (yeah Canada!). I’m meeting a lot of expats here and it’s fascinating to learn about different labor and birthing practices.

  20. Hi! I’m Susi, from Barcelona (Spain). Somebody linked your post about the “apple store” in meneame.net . Meneame means “shake me”, it is a website where everybody can link news and users give a “shake” if they consider the information interesting. Your post has 198 “shakes” at the moment 🙂

  21. Greetings from Sydney, Australia! It’s all about the Apple Store-y 🙂

    Came here via a shared post on G+. Love your blog – your writing style is refreshing too.

  22. Dobro Dan – Greetings from sunny Korcula, in the south of Croatia.
    I am a newbie blogger and like you am curious about who it is – aside from a niece in New Zealand that is reading my blog.
    Not worked out howto add links etc onto my blog… so much to learn.
    Like the apple story, well done as it seems to be reaching huge audience & generating lots of feedback. Brilliant!
    Cheers, Ruth

  23. beijing, china. not related. and even though im very familiar with the level of fake stuff flying around this country the apple thing was still kind of shocking. and massive LOL.

  24. Hi from Germany,

    I got here via FT Alphaville (you’re in finance now 😉 ) through a link of the Apple stores story (what a surprise).

    Nice blog, keep it up!

  25. Stockholm, Sweden! As Johan above, I clicked from macworld.idg.se who had an article on fake Apple Stores in China (and a link to your WordPress site).

    Thank you for a lovely article! And – have another great day in Kunming!

  26. Laughing from your Apple Store post. Just moved to Dresden Germany to start teaching at an international school. Best of luck!

  27. Shannon for Pennsylvania. Came here after reading about the Apple Store on msn.com and then was facinated by your posts. Excellent writings and pics! I enjoyed it very much.

  28. Jani from Finland. Pressed a link in Twitter, and came to your Apple Store post. Very interesting! I find similarities, I have Chinese wife, who is living with me here in Finland 🙂

  29. Libby from Hockessin, Delaware, United States. Here because of the fake Apple Store link. Who knew you would become such a celebrity for posting what is most assuredly a regular occurrence in China. Perused your blog and was fascinated by your willingness to travel all over the world and your upbeat view. I think if my husband and I tried to travel the world together, one of us would get left somewhere!

  30. Lora from Texas! I also came for the Apple store post, but started reading the rest of your blog. My sister is currently in Beijing moving to Hangzhou in a couple months and since she doesn’t keep a blog, I’ve really enjoyed reading yours!

  31. I live in Boston but visit Asia frequently. Last November I was in Kunming, but only for a few hours before heading up to Lijiang. So I missed the faux pomme de terre stores (assuming that they had opened by then). I did note the distinct odor of burning “mary jane” as I disembarked from the aircraft, so I knew I was in an unusual place. Also I really liked the the counters selling the Caterpillar Fungus in the airport at a price higher than that of gold per ounce.

  32. From Minneapolis, MN, USA. Know what you mean about China. In 1998 I slept in a hotel in Shenzen. When I woke in the morning and looked out the window, the highway they were building had been extended a mile, the skyscraper had 4 more stories on it. Now that was a wakeup call on my first day there.

  33. I just discovered your blog via another blog that mentioned your great Apple store story. I’m an Australian who used to live in China (Wuxi) and now living in Canada (Calgary). I really miss China, so I’m looking forward to reading your blog regularly!

  34. Google/Financial times ran your story about fake apple stores and then I couldn’t stop reading your blog. What an amazing point in your life to be visiting all those wonderful places. I have spent a bit of time traveling myself but not to the extent that you have. Absolutely great stories/pictures. Thanks for sharing. I will likely become a regular visitor to your blog!

    I am from Los Angeles, CA.

  35. Middle-aged guy from Berkeley, CA. Linked to your blog from a Financial Times article on the bogus Apple Store, that was a link off Google Finance (what’s a red-diaper baby like me doing obsessing about finance anyway??? The curves life throws is my weak excuse.).

    No relation to you, that I know of, but am bookmarking your blog as it looks like you’ve got more than a few interesting tales. It doesn’t sound like I’ll be the only one coming back either–I think you’ve gained a whole new audience and this piece could easily go viral.


  36. Congrats on your recent bout of fame, hope it serves you well and doesn’t overwhelm you or your site too much!

    I live in Washington, DC and have worked in international development and maternal/infant health in the past and am very interested in the doula/midwife world. Basically, your blog is a great find for me!

    And yes, I did come here via an article that linked to your Fake Apple store post.

  37. HI I am Dutch and we are not related and I’ve got your blog forwarded by my partner. We both used to live in Suzhou PRC and you blog gave me a big déjàvu and made the half of me that is missing China a little homesick.

  38. Hi!

    My name is Jeanne and I’m from San Francisco, CA. I was directed to your blog from a news article about fake Apples stores from Google. Anyway, I love this page of yours and how you don’t mind, but borrowed the idea. Also, I give you a shout out at inspirehappy.wordpress.com and direct people to your site to show my gratitude.

    Good luck with all you do and safe travels everywhere you go!


  39. I’m Kelly! I live in Baltimore, MD and I love reading your blog. I have a yearning to travel the world, yet no funds to do it, so I’ve been living vicariously through your posts! Never stop! And I will gladly read BirdAtHome when that time comes. 🙂

  40. Hi, I’m from Nashville, Tennessee, USA. This “guestbook” page is a great idea…

    Like one third of the known world, I found your blog via a link to your “faux Apple Stores” post. I’m at work, so I’ll have to check out the rest of it later. (I’m in IT, so the Apple Store thing was “job related”, right…?)

  41. Hi Bird abroad!
    I’m a German scientist working in Paris, France, who stumbled (like so many others) about your Fake Apple Store story via twitter. I don’t think we’re related at all, but who knows? Best wishes from rainy Paris!

  42. Hello I’m Ani from Orlando, FL. Found your blog through a news article on Google about the faux “Apple Stoer.” Your posts are great, and remind me of when I lived in Korea.

  43. Well howdy there bird abroad.

    Love this in its’ entirety.

    Just had a ponder-some peruse through your fake apple store blog… very Insightful and whimsical.

    Great stuff, keep it up!

    [Writing my retort from the drizzled streets of London. Marketing manager & Student.]


  44. Hi! I am from Munich, Bavaria, and I will be in Kunming in about three weeks. I will definetely look for the “Apple Stoer” (hope it still will be there)!
    This blog will definitely make you famous (today there was a link to it in a big German newspaper’s online article)…

  45. Hi
    My Wife and I adopted a baby boy from Kunming last November and I’m excited that I found a blog from someone living there.

    We spent a week in Kunming and alot of time in Green Lake Park. It was awesome and we can’t wait to go back when our son gets older.

    Chris from Toronto, ON.

  46. I accidently found your blog via a couple links referenced in the MSN.com (my home page) article about the fake Apple stores. BirdAbroad is so interesting that I have bookmarked it and will visit every now and then to keep up with what you two world travelers are doing. Loved the well produced video on Jews of Malaysia, by the way.

    Best wishes from an old Goy in central Virginia,
    Dave Miller

  47. Visited Kunming aka “Spring City” a couple of times.
    Took the gondola and chairlift up the mountain to dragon gate. Felt like home (BC, Canada).
    Loved your Apple Store story – watch out world – the Chinese are coming!

  48. I found your blog through the MSN homepage today about the fake Apple store in China. I actually went to China for three weeks this summer with a group of student from the University of Alabama and another group from East Carolina University. I started going through you blog after finding this first post. It seem like you and your husband have a very interesting life, living abroad in so many places while working. Just thought I would say hi.

  49. I’m Melissa and I’m in the States right now, but am headed to a university gig in the Middle East in a matter of weeks. Yippee!

    I’ve never been to China, but I’m a Chinese film NERD. I will go to China one day.

  50. Found your elegant blog via a link to your fake Apple store story. Nicely done. I live in the Los Angeles area, and spend most of my time dealing with real estate law.

  51. Let us know when Apple Stoer (TM?) is going public and we all can buy shares in that promissing enterprise. Got stuck in your blog because of the way you paint/ write the picture. It´s excellent.

    Groetjes uit Amsterdam

  52. Hey, I’m Julio from Brazil…
    I come to blog through Apple Fake story pictures, but i really enjoy the travell pictures.
    I travelled to New Zealand in 2008 and will go back in September, this year (with my girlfriend).
    Good to see amazing pictures from NZ and for other parts of the world.
    Nice blog!
    I appreciate

  53. Not sure how I ended up here maybe through The Reg – I’ve lost track. But I can tell you I’m writing from nearby the Antietam Battlefield in Sharpsburg, Maryland.

    Very interesting post about the fake stoers.


  54. Apple Store story posted to the Oriental List email list, read it and thought how amazing, posted a link on my FB page. One of those sums-up-modern-China classics! Unbelievable. Yet strangely believabe.

    From an ‘old China hand’, residing in the UK, occasionally blogging China stuff here: http://joncannon.wordpress.com/

  55. As a world traveler, I am very aware of copyright abuse.I am surprised when the rest of the world reacts as if this is something new and shocking. It is good that you have opened the eyes of so many people. Thanks.

  56. Friend of mine in Toronto Canada passed on your story as he is an “Apple fan” .

    As I lived in Dali (now in Guangzhou) making bilingual maps of China.

    I know all about fakes as my maps are been faked too

  57. Hi there. I also found you through a Twitter link. I’m from the Sunshine Coast in Australia. Loved your Apple story and am keen to read more of your stuff.

  58. Hi-
    I am a fellow Kunminger! It was fun to see your story on Yahoo news and then see the photos. My family and I were here before McDonald’s ever came. Dicos was the very first “fast food enterprise” and we were thrilled! When McDonald’s came it was like a miracle. At least, we think, those are real!

  59. I’m not a relative (at least not that I know of).
    Never visited your blog until your fake Apple store hit the news and found my way here when SFGate picked it up (seems you’re quite famous and in demand as a result of the story!).
    I’m in Oakland, CA., but originally from Korea.
    Last, your blog is great fun and have enjoyed reading your other posts.

    Keep it up!

  60. a friend posted a link to your fake apple store story on FB. i also work in intl. development and am currently in melbourne, australia (looking for something in asia!).

  61. I’m brand new. Found you – and your catchy bird title on my 1st parousing through this site. (might have a misspelling in that last sentence).

    Any advise for safe travels through wordpress?

    and – blessings!!!

  62. I’m Jessica from Australia, I was redirected to your blog via an article on news.com.au about Fake Apple Stores in China. Very interesting reading!

  63. Hi~ I am Chongeun Lee from Seoul, Korea. One of my friends send me a link that you posted about “Apple” store in China. I read well and relly surprised. When I visited Beijing, a guide had told me I should watched carefully everything I bought was real one or not.

    Anyway I like your bird and peach pattern in the up front of this site. Where did you find that?

  64. Boston, MA. Your Apple store brought back fond memories of trips to Silk Alley in Beijing and the James Bond Villain-type back rooms behind the stalls there with all manner of counterfeit paraphernalia. Looks like folks have decided that such subterfuge is suboptimal for profit maximizing. Nice post!

  65. Bill B. Just saw an article about the fake Apple Store and followed the link to your blog. Sitting in a hotel room in Rock Hill,SC USA

  66. I enjoyed your post about the Apple store, congrats on your expansion of followers that came from your blog. I have seen many of these chinese knock-offs here in Los Angeles CA. i.e instead of an iphone a friend had what was simply called “phone” almost exactly like an iphone 3Gs but with a square button.

  67. Arrived here through Slate and the Apple Store article, but just got totally caught up in your other posts. You write well – you should write a book about gender, public health, and culture in urban China. I’d read it. Sadly, I am not an agent, nor a publisher, nor remotely involved in the world of publishing. (Though I do work in public health, in Africa! Not at all helpful, actually.) But please keep posting, I’ll keep coming back.

  68. Great idea this page! I stumbled upon your blog from todays WordPress, Freshly Pressed page.

    Being an Apple fanatic I found your fake stores entry quite interesting. (It was the Steve Jobs title that grabbed my attention.) Looks like from the media response you’ll soon be famous and on your way to fabulous riches. 🙂

    I live in Seattle, WA but grew up in the Maryland suburbs of the other Washington.

    All the best! (Remember me, when you’re famous!)

  69. I am your long lost brother from Kuwait; I bet your father never told you? Just kidding. I am new at the blogging, so far it sound real interesting and appealing. Thank you for sharing your travels.

  70. here in Victoria Harbour (tiny village) 100 miles north of Toronto, Canada… moi = 58 yr old writer/photographer + lifelong interest in information tecnology, your post on fake Apple stores was terrific, and the comments pretty wild, too


  71. Jessica Eckert, 21
    West Harrison Indiana U.S.A.
    excelent post on the fake apple stores. How did you know to look for a fake store and how come you did not report this to the police there? just curious. (:

  72. Great blog! I enjoyed the fake “Apple Stoer” story very much. I came here by a link on Google Reader, and by the way I’m from Mexicali, Mexico. It’s amazing all the places you have visited.
    Looking into your blog entries I saw RP is a writer, and while doing a little search over the internet I found Intern Nation and RP video talking about it. The video really hit me, because while I was studying the university I was an intern too. Now I’m planning to read the book.
    Please keep posting, I will keep coming back for more. Saludos desde Mexico!

  73. I’m Andrea in Boise, Idaho. Saw your blog on Freshly Pressed. Great story on Apple Rip Off, I had not idea such things existed! Your adventures in Kumning sound interesting.

    My blog is igardendaily.com

  74. Hi, this is Prateek, I live in a small town named seoni(only google maps will help you in finding it). Its in India, and this is the first time, I saw your blog. and Its been a lovely experience, I must tell you. Do give my blog a visit sometime.

  75. Hmm! Nice blog. I am not a good blogger at all but I like to Jot something in my broken English. I am Ashok from Nepal. I hope you know about my country. I like the way write your travel journal. I have not read all of them but at least 2 or 3. Well written. Keep on writing
    with lov from Nepal

  76. Hi! Viral? I’ll say. American NBC Nightly News picked it up last night.(7/20/2011) with your url on the bottom of the screen. I”m very pleased to be able to read about your exploits, now that I know you’re here.
    Ken in Shanghai

  77. Expat American living in Chiang Mia, Thailand but now sitting at Aum Villa in Ubud, Bali. Came upon the fake-apple store article from a friend’s email. Nice job with pix and ‘story’ to get them. I’ve traveled around south east asia and the rest of the world. Spotted a ‘real’ Starbucks in Ubud this morning – I remember being here a couple of years back when expat locals where raising a storm about Starbucks imminent opening and ruining quaint little ol’ Ubud’s coffee shop scene. Was also at the opening of one 3-story McDonalds in Moscow, the sign board that covered the future building was of communist workers erecting the golden arches – got that pricely pic in keeper file.

  78. Hi there, I’m Belle from Singapore. Somehow managed to stumble onto your blog reading about the new Apple Stoer in Kunming.

  79. Dan from Singapore. Travel to China often and well aware of the countless rip-offs. Still cracks me up on fake Apple Store..

    Good work and keep them coming!


  80. Read your blog about the faux Apple stores in China, which was featured in yahoo.com. I live in Manila (Phils), so piracy is pretty much acquired here from the neighboring country. Have you been to Manila? Or anywhere in the Philippines? I like reading your blog entries. Makes me love writing more…

  81. hey hey,
    i got the link to your blog from a chinese friend, him knowing that i will move to kunming at the end of this august to study/write/work for a NGO… you see, we should meet for coffee once i’m there! brilliant chance!

  82. Hi, I’m a French girl living in Beijing for the past 7 years and your article on apple store was published on “Beijing stuff” today: http://www.bjstuff.com/profiles/blogs/this-weekend-in-beijing-89
    I must say that I am not surprised by anything that happens in China now but I wonder how far they can go… I am not surprised but scared!
    Never been to Kunming but at least it’s close to many great places, I guess you guys have visited a lot of those!

  83. Hello, I work in London, designing shops for big brands so of course the Apple Store post caught my attention…! Amazing. Lived in Malaysia and Japan in the past so love reading people’s stories of travel and living abroad. Will be back to read more.

  84. Hi, I’m Eric from the Netherlands. A Dutch newspaper included a link to your blog in an article about the “Apple” Stores.
    Your blog is very nice. I like travelling (been to China twice) and I’m learning Chinese, so your blog is interesting to me!
    Best wishes from Zoetermeer.

  85. Hi, my name is Meenakshi. I’m Indian, but naturalized American citizen living in Florida. I came across your blog from Yahoo News about (surprise!) the fake Apple Store article. I stayed because your posts are so interesting! I’m 16 and my dream is to live like you have lived, to have experienced as much culture and traveled as much as you have at 27. You’re like a role model! I’m probably going to be spending the rest of the night reading and watching you and your husbands youtube videos. (I’ve been taking German for 3 years in HS so again, WOW! Your husband speaks very clearly and slowly cause I can actually understand some select words haha)

  86. Hello! I am actually a native of Kunming, but came to the US when I was 3. The places you’ve mentioned, San Francisco, and Palo Alto, I frequent these two places on a weekly basis. 🙂 I was actually in Kunming just back in June, but didn’t see the Apple knock offs. What streets/area were they in? I’m still trying to familiarize with the streets and areas since I don’t live in Kunming long term, but I would love to in the future once college is done… whenever that might be with all the horrendous budget cuts that CA is slashing at the universities with…

    Thanks for all the intriguing insights, and happy blogging! 🙂

  87. Was in Kunming 3 days ago with my wife for a day on our way to Lijiang for honeymoon, I’m French she’s Chinese and we live in NY. Your entries about the culture shocks in China are most interesting, I came to love the people in this country but sometimes…

  88. Someone linked to your post on the fake Apple Store and I got here. I am from Singapore and I am a frivolous blogger (i.e. I make conscious effort to blog about the frivolous things I do because reality is work,work,work.)

  89. Found you through GCD, you’re interesting. Not related to you I think, but maybe we are, what do I know? I really like your stuff, I’m glad to be following you now.

  90. HIya! Im Kymie in England:-) I saw a link to an article about the Apple store rip off blog on Twitter, read the article then googled Birdabroad blog! Great blog!

  91. HI…im rob from the UK …..great story on apple..currently being run on skynews in the UK and on their website..your hits are gonna go through the roof now the world knows about you……we want to see some pictures of the woman behind the blog……………………

  92. I’m from the Netherlands, got here via a link in a online message about the fake Stoer…. Nice blog! Had to laugh about it… Did you find any more Apple stores in the meantime…!

  93. Eric from Ireland! Great blog – trying to convince my 18 yo brother to do the same! Best of luck in your future travels

  94. Great article on the “Apple Store” it is being picked up by the mainline press in the US. Your not missing anything here, safe travels.

  95. nice blog!! i read about the apple store 🙂 now everybody would be aware of those fake apple stores.. and you travel was amazing..

  96. Hiya. Tony, aka Bono, living on the clear west coast of Ireland – next stop New York. I’ll be checking in regularly now that I know you live in an interesting part of the incredible shrinking planet. I’ve been to Vietnam and Cambodia but China still on the to-do list.

    Stay safe and go easy on the deep-fried bat’s brains.

  97. Hi from San Francisco, CA. Your blog post on fake apple stores was on the San Francisco Chronicle front page sfgate.com

  98. Sam (male) from Germany. Got here through the apple store story and the outrage it produces with German fanboys (and fangirls). Cute.
    Great buzz – hope you can somehow benefit from it.

  99. Yodit Deet – grad student at Georgetown Univ, read the Apple story via twitter and writing my final thesis on the one child policy. Great Blog – I will check back from time to time.

  100. Hello, my name is Bob, I live in Swartz Creek, MI. I found your fake Apple store story linked via drudereport. Nice blog.

  101. Wow! I caught your Fake Apple Store blog off of the Drudge Report and I cannot stop reading! I love your writing and your pictures! Thank you so much for sharing, I look forward to reading everything (but need to get back to work now). I am from Wisconsin in the unites States. Stay safe in your travels (and postings in China).

  102. Howdy there. My name is Benet Hitchcock and I’m originally from NZ but I currently live in Melbourne. I’m glad you could see some of CHCH before it got wasted again. I spent the last 8 years there and that’s where my wife is from. My mate Dru put me onto your Apple article. Very interesting.

  103. Hi!
    I came to your blog via the news story on the fake Apple stores that came up on my yahoo news and I said to my self “this blogger sounds interesting” so I googled you and your blog came up right away! I have been attempting to blog on and off for years. I currently have a blog but it has not been active in months. I think that I need to come up with a plan before I begin blogging again.

  104. i might cross the himalayas to come and see you in china. i am figuring out shortest possible walkable route to your place. cheers!

  105. ciara from ireland living in england, linked out from boing boing… bet you’ve got a million hits by now! best of luck xxxx

  106. Hey Jessica,
    Great blog and shocking apple store rip-off story!
    Keep the good work 🙂

    Talia (Israeli) Kunming.

    See you for Jiao zi!

  107. I’m from a TIny Island in Asia that’s pretty near where you are right now 🙂 It’s near the equator and it’s hot, humid and where you can experience perpetual summer and crowded malls. We don’t have a single ‘real’ Apple store here, just resellers. Kinda sucks and I can’t wait for an authentic store like the one I saw in NYC.

  108. Hey there,

    I live in Los Angeles. I am in no way related to you. 😀

    I found your blog thanks to the NPR story about the fake Apple store. I have a feeling you’re going to get a ton of new followers now. I’m enjoying reading your other entries as well.

    On another topic: Have you traveled to Taiwan? I’m going there in August and looking for tips from anyone who’s been/lived there on things to look out for, pack for, eat, etc.

    Warm regards,

  109. HiYa Bird,

    Alice from Baltimore, MD USA (hey hey not laughing…SOMEONE has to live here).

    Stumbled onto your blog today through a post on the Nerdist by Matthew Burnside. Glad I did. Just added you to my RSS feeds so I can keep an eye on all the exciting happenings in Kunming 🙂

  110. The faux Apple store brought me to your infamous blog followed by tens of thousands of new followers an abundance of which seem to be non-relatives.

    Congratulations for this twist of fate and newfound fame the world around. It will bring much interest in your atypical lifestyle and your jaunty, interesting writing focusing on your life and passions. I am a new fan and look forward to more opinion and adventure.

    Oh, I am from Seattle Wahington, USA. – the beautiful Pacific Northwest that by the way has been shortchanged in the record national high temperatures of late.

    Be well!

  111. Hi, I’m Rick from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I’m a Malaysian Chinese whose forefathers has connection with some of the “relatives” in GuangDong. Anyway that’s history.

    It was a delight to read about your post about fake Apple stores in KunMing as it’s hard to imagine a fake here in Malaysia, granted we Chinese or any other people here in Malaysia isn’t as “innovative” when it comes to Apple products. LOL.

    Anyway, do keep up the good work and journalism. 🙂

  112. Thought I’d have a peek here after reading the BBC article on your uncovering of the dastardly faux Apple plot. I’ll try to keep up with your updates 🙂

  113. Hi, I’m Dani! Came here for the Apple story that made me think of a fake Victoria Secret I’ve seen in Brasil. I’m from Brasil. But I don’t live there. One day I will. We are not related. Great blog, I’ll keep coming back!

  114. Hi I’m Brandy, I live in Denver , Colorado. I found your blog because of the Apple Story but I stayed for the great travel pictures 🙂 I’m so glad I found your blog!

  115. I am Amanda 32 from Wales UK. I read a lot of blogs but this is the first time I have come across yours (it was featured on the SkyNews website), great story on the Apple store, I hope you do not mind me being nosey but I am going to continue to read through your posts!
    Hope your having a great time 🙂 stay safe!

  116. Hello there! Love your travelling blog. I’m Dorothy from HK. A little bit disappointed that you wrote so little about Hong Kong but still like the Fake Apple Store piece. It’s more than just fake Apple Store. I believe there is a whole fake Apple Factory in China.

  117. Hey Rock-Star Bird,

    Great blog. Found it through newsday com (long island, NY)
    Keep up the great work and enjoy the ride!!

  118. Your article on fake Apple stores has gone viral. My name is Alice, and I live north of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
    I wonder if Steve Jobs will be able to do something about this.
    Your blog is great, and I plan to come by again for more interesting reads.

  119. Hi! I am Lisa Marie and I read your Blog through the BBC about fake Apple Stores in China, I must say they had the look down pat…but beneath the facade, even in the pics you can see something is not right…nice work!

  120. Bert from Seattle. I’m enjoying your travel blog, but like many above found you via the fake apple store post. Thanks for the entertaining and informative blog!

  121. I live in Buffalo, NY originally from Penang, Malaysia and got to your blog from the news on the ‘real’ apple store in Kunming. I like the part best when you may or may not have mentioned you were an Apple store employee checking things out. That’s genius to keep on snapping pictures and investigate 🙂 Keep on posting!

  122. Pok Man Lee originally from Hong Kong but living in Provo Utah now. I am not related to you but found your blog very interesting.

  123. Like thousands of others, I checked out your blog after the fake Apple story went viral. It’s unusual to see a blogger cited as the source in a mainstream news org.

    Anyway, I love your sense of humor and your blog! Best of luck to you.

  124. Bonnie Schneider-Clark, living on Vashon Island, WA, USA, lived in Yantai, China for two years (2002-2004). The fake Apple stores article reference led me to you, your blog though kept me here long after.
    I miss the entertainment of China everyday life, eg where did that store go? and yes, when I traveled for 6 weeks in SE Asia I came back to a crane erected outside my apartment building and window, and construction in full tilt.
    Thanks for posting, keep it rolling!

  125. Hello. My name is Jen. I am an US Army Wife and currently reside in San Antonio TX. Great Blog! Of Course say your story online and wanted to check itall out. Really enjoyed your story and pics from your “World Trip”. I am very jelious! Congrats on your success!

  126. My name is Muhammad, I am from Kerala, India. It’s bad that you have found only crocheting skills in us !! haha….you are making a difference anyway..keep it up!

  127. Hi,

    I’m Doug in Toronto and I was directed to this amazing story by a CBC announcer who uses Twitter regularly and posted the Globe & Mail’s (national Canadian paper) coverage. Like most I am spellbound by the audacity and the spunk- keep up your great blog posts!

    Best wishes…d.

    • I believe you have accidentally subscribed to the blog/comments. Unfortunately, I cannot unsubscribe you – apparently you can do this yourself at the bottom of the emails you receive notifying you of a new comment.

  128. Winona from Indonesia! I’m a 3rd generation Chinese-Indonesian but I barely speak Mandarin.

    Oh, and I got here from Jonathan Cook’s tweet of your apple store post. 🙂

  129. Hi, My name is Johan and I live in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. My son is Apple mad and just got his iPhone today (he has an iPad2, MacBook etc). He found your blog about the fake Apple store somewhere and passed this on to me – I find it fascinating!

  130. Hi, and thanks for the fake Apple stores blog.
    I was particularly interested as I’m a HUGE Apple fan, having 2 MacBooks, 2 iMacs (one currently not working), a Mac Mini, an iPod Touch, an iPod Shuffle, an iPod Nano, an iPad, an AppleTV and an Apple Time Capsule.
    I live in Billericay, Essex, in the UK.
    Am I related to you? Quite possibly, if we go back in time far enough, but you never send me a birthday card, so I’ll say NO,we’re not related.
    Take care now.
    Brian R

  131. Hii, my nameis Pablo, im from Buenos Aires,Argentina. I love to travel and meeting new places! specially non so turistic places.I found your blog very interesting,
    I´ve been in China this year and this blog reminded me that trip.
    saludos desde Buenos Aires.

  132. Diana an American in Finland. Saw an article on your Fake Apple piece on elpais.com – digital version of one of Spain’s major newspapers (when you can’t rock the language where you live, it’s good to have an alternative language to feel good).

  133. Hi there! Looks like your blog has become very popular. My name is Peter and I live in Ames, Iowa. I saw a Wired story about your faux Apple store piece on iGoogle. I had not heard of Kunming until a friend moved there to teach English as a second language at YUFE four years ago. I followed a couple blogs written by her co-workers for a while, but they have since moved back to the U.S. I look forward to checking back for future entries.

  134. I’m Linda from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Heard a clip on CBC radio about your discovery of the fake Apple store. Awesome lol.
    Love your blog and plan to travel vicariously through you/it!

  135. I’m a student living in Raleigh, NC. I just found the blog post about the “Apple Stoers” through Digg, because the post is, in a way, the Top Story in All Topics (if you hadn’t seen yet). Which must mean you have gotten some crazy traffic in the past couple of days. I thought it was hilarious, but the “Around the World in 80 Days” post take the cake, in my book. I love the photos and am ridiculously jealous of how much you’ve traveled, it must have been fun!

  136. Tamar from Derby, England, UK. Found your blog via Sky News. Have thoroughly enjoyed reading. Fab Stuff…!! Thank You. If you visit the UK and fancy a hand exploring…?! 🙂

  137. Hi I’m Addy with addysopinion.wordpress. I am located in SouthWest Florida and I really like your blog. Hope you will visit mine. I just write about any thing. I am looking for some good stuff. Any ideas?

  138. I found your blog thanks to the Wired link on the fake Apple Stores. I have visited Kunming three times and I hope to bring my geology students there in December 2011. Details of my class can be found at china.ysu.edu

  139. I am Basheer and am from London. You got a fantastic blog. You are an inspiration and hopefully i can do what you have done but in different part of the world.

  140. Hi!!!

    Nice Blog!! I stumbled upon it also from the apple store news on BBC but I love reading about peoples travelling and their experiences. I did the transmongolian from st petersburg to shanghai by train and then onto HK & Thailand a couple of years ago and loved it. I still visit Russia every year, love it there! How did you find St Petersburg?

    Anyway good luck with the future, all the best,

  141. Hi, my name is Anja and I’m from Frankfurt, Germany. Just stumbled over your blog because of a link from a German online magazine on the fake store (http://www.wuv.de/nachrichten/digital/chinesen_bauen_kompletten_apple_store_nach). It’s a great story, however, I also read some of your other blog entries and I really like your style of writing. I was in China last year (Beijing and Shanghai) for the first time and I fell in love with the country.
    Best regards,

  142. You mention that you can’t track demographics in wordpress, but there is a Google Analytics plug in for wordpress. I just did a quick google search when I read your post above and found it. Hope it’s helpful.

    I found your article about the knock off Apple stores on yahoo.com. Fun! Thanks!

  143. Hi , This is Li Yu from Paris, Original from Yunnan province, i finished my university in Kunming and move to France since 2008 . Now i study Media design in Geneve .
    I found your blog from a facebook link about the fake Apple store. then i’ve read other articles also , very interesting !

    I’ve travel a lot in the region of southwest of China until Tibet . Very happy to saw a interesting blog which wrote by a person living in Kunming! Maybe we could have a cafe next time i go back to Kunming 🙂

    I have lots of things need to learn from you also 🙂

    Keep good works !

  144. Congratulations on going viral!

    I found you on macintouch.com, and now have you bookmarked in my Travel folder.

    Me, I’m a middle aged male in Eugene Oregon, and have been to China several times on business. My first trip was to Guangzhou in about 1995, and it’s stunning how much China has changed.

    I’m not fond of Guangdong province, but did take one tourist trip to Xi’an, the Great Wall, and such. And now have 2 life size replicas (I hope…you never know what you’ve bought in China) of tomb soldiers on my porch.

  145. Hi,
    My name is Ram and I am from Seattle. Found your blog on the internet and I must admit it is very well written and very informative for an aspiring visitor to China.
    Take care and keep writing.

  146. Excellent catch on the Apple store. I used to live in Palo Alto, hell, I lived there for 60 years, and then moved to New Jersey. Huge mistake. Envy you all that traveling. Keep digging up stuff like the Apple thing, and you’ll have a huge worldwide following (if you don’t already).
    Raphael E. Serebreny

  147. I enjoyed your posts and RP’s video on NY Jews in China. I am not sure if this topic even come across to RP. But, there is a village in Henan. Its residents are decedents of Jewish merchants from way back (like 1000 years). At some point in history, they got so cutoff from outside, they forgot they are Jews except that they still maintain lots Jewish customs and rituals.

  148. Hi, my name is Rachel and I work in IT and I’m based in Hong Kong. I love China, especially the mainland and often travel there for work and pleasure. I found your blog as I was googling tech articles on Apple products 🙂

    I’m English, originally from London and I hope one day to return to work permanently in the mainland. I’m therefore trying to improve my Mandarin and always take any chance I can to cross the border.

    Take care, have book marked your blog now 🙂


  149. Hi Bird Abroad,
    My name is Tetty and I am from Penang, Malaysia. I like your post on Fake Apple Stores – nice post and it was really an eye opener as we never expected that Apple’s would have been cloned. Your blog is very informative and love those photos. Keep up a good work!

  150. Hi, just reading your blog from your visit to NZ, remember Dunedin & the Otago Peninsula? Well, I live in a place called Portobello (you probably went through it).
    Great blog and can relate to several of your experiences, look forward to your future posts, really want to visit China at some point.
    Got here via the BBC like a lot of people.Like you, have lived in lots of places and am orginally from Wales, UK.
    Keep writing!

  151. Hi, I am from India. I was browsing through the BBC news website and came across your blog. It is interesting. I am from Chennai, India. Good luck!:)

  152. Hi I’m a person you probably won’t know.
    And I may or may not be related to you.

    But I’m from Hong Kong 🙂 Fab blog!

  153. I am Vikas, a software architect by profession and lives in India. The Apple story brings me to your blog – especially because of its catchy name (birdabroad) first. And then this tab “Who are you, Dear Reader?” was even more interesting to see.

    Good one. Keep it up.

  154. Hi!

    Your story about Apple has become viral – shall we say?-.

    Enjoyed your pics from Beirut also the work your doing in Kunming.
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Greetings from Lima, Peru.
    Vanessa B.

  155. I am a teacher living and working in Zhuzhou, Hunan, China – My family and I have lived in “the middle kingdom” for about 5 years. Lovin’ your blog and its very revealing articles – As you know fake in China isn’t surprising at all everything is available from shoes to (as you have pointed out) Apple computers, phones etc. I’ll send you shots later today of a wonderfully “fake” Apple store here in Zhuzhou.

  156. I’m an elementary school teacher in the Los Angeles area. Found your site through a Facebook stream. Not entirely shocked that China has ripped off Apple, but they’ve done such a thorough job of copying just about everything that I wonder: Is China really a country or a just another knock off? Anyway, hoping to ride my bicycle around there some day. Keep up the good work. Your blog is full of great stuff.

  157. I’m from Guadalajara, México.
    Amazing job with the Apple Stores!
    Keep those eyes (and words) wide open…
    Best regards,


  158. Love reading a few pages of your blog. Will return soon. I am a Professor in Information Systems in Michigan. I was teaching in Changchun, China for two months. Now I am in Kuching, Malaysia visiting my mother, brother and one daughter. I do know where Kunming is and hope one day to visit it one day. I really am amazed by the rapid pace that China is developing. Yes, there are issues with IP in China.

  159. I live in Vancouver BC and found your blog through the BBC article (though I had seen the photos you took through another link a friend sent earlier either this morning or last night).

  160. Hey! I´m from mexico city, I found your blog through an article about a fake aple store located in china, I can’t belive how you can realized that the store was fake. I read some sections of your blog and I think is amazing and fun.

    Surely I’ll be back soon to this blog.

    Best regards!!!

  161. Great Catch!!!!!! on fake stores in China. Your Blog has captured the news on the BBC in the UK and CTV, Global and CBC networks here in Canada, As well as all of our major newspapers! Congratulations for “outing” the illegal copier of a great brand. I live in Edmonton Alberta which has 2 REAL Apple stores, Southgate Mall and the soon to be doubled in size largest Canadian Apple branch in West Edmonton Mall which is North America’s largest shopping centre.
    You have caught the worlds attention so congrates!!!!!

  162. I’m from Switzerland, got here via a link in a online newspaper about the fake Stoer…. Was very funny to read your blog. Great job.

  163. Hi, I am now living in Perth, Australia and got to your blog via the BBC news page on the fake apple stores. I am definitely not your sister, more like mother as I have a daughter your age living in Houston, Texas; with a son in Hamilton New Zealand, we are a global family. Having lived in Texas for nine years it’s good to see some younger Americans realize that there is a big world out there beyond the US. Keep up the blog and continue to have fun.

  164. I am Chetan, an Architect based in Nasik, India. I like your blog, especially the way you explained the “merry Christmas 2011” part.
    Needless to say we are not related 😀


  165. Deep into the forests of Central Kenya,heard about a fake apple store on twitter,logged in to bbc this morning and i found the story.So i clicked a link and here i am.

    Great posts you have.

  166. Wow…nice post this goes out as a warning to all my friends who buy things at unknown places…I have particular places for all my purchases. And yes BirdAbroad I am your neighbor back home… 🙂

  167. hey there. my name is mel. an i am from germany. (southern part). just read an article about you blog, because of the apple-stores of course, but think i will stop by from time to time. your blog seems really interesting to me 🙂

    greets from me to you and RP

  168. Hi BirdAbroad, I stumbled across your blog through the FP apple post. That was an eye-opener. Btw, this is a very interesting page you have added.. can I borrow the concept?

    I am an architect & a mother from India.

  169. Really like your blog especially about the fake “Apple Store” in Kunming…and about the New York Jews in China…more like in S.E Asia :)) it’s a great video..really like the story, hope more interesting and great stories..

  170. As a american -chinese, i will let you know, the majority of chinese now, think the usa is falling, the usa have no money for education, no money for social security, no money for medicare, the american richers like to invest in china and the majority of the american jobs are shipping to china, chinese will not buy much the made in usa because majority of chinese do not care about IPR and the fake product are more cheap, the trade defficit will make the china stronger and stronger, the usa will weaker and weaker, less money for educatiom, less job s for american, the usa will fall fast and the majority of the american pooe and more poor everyday, I do not know what I say, looks the majority of the american are sleeping and looks hopeless, when they wake up, it will be too late, a falling state and hopeless people.wake up.

    • Report from a Chinese in France: we(Chinese here and lots of reactions from those europeans) think that Europe are in the way to become old, they keep lots of great culture but this conservative way is too strong that stop the society developing, less dynamic .
      China indeed do lots of fake things, they are very good at reproduction, they have the ability to make things which is could better than the “Real Apple”. sure they are learning , they lack those creativities now but they are learning… I won’t have the same racialism comments as some Japanese here, they are sure very jalouse/afraid/disdain about this fast developing country from where most the resource of products on the world. please give up this way to thinking… we! chinese make fake things, is just a way to learning your western civilization and creation after we have been suffered lots of war outside or inside of china, but we! we are not a nation lack creativities! when we arrived to the same lever of productivity as the westen. there must be the nation confidence and creativity coming out . that’s the real exploration of this civilization . our ancestor have been the most influence/intelligent/creators in the world , our future generation will be also . if a nation standing 5000 year didn’t disappear. there must be a raison . even if those fake products is really a shame of this period. but what the importance between the large dimension perception!
      we will prove that soon !

      by the way , in my point of view , please stop some stupid disdain and try to refresh+open the mind to discover another peuple in this planet!

  171. hi
    I am in the UK (near London) and work in Logistics. Loved your blog, found a link to it from the BBC which probably explains why you are currently very popular!

  172. found your blog when the fake Apple Store story hit my home newspaper. Came to your blog because I have an adopted daughter from Kunming, we visited Kunming three years ago (loved it!), and are hoping to come back during summer of 2012. Reside outside San Francisco

  173. I guess you’ve really hit it with your fake apple store photos. You have a really great blog. I’m Lisa from Vermont, in New England, USA, just about 100 miles south of Montreal. I get really specific on my location as I once had someone ask me what part of Boston Vermont was.

  174. am from Chennai .. and at times go wide eyed at the precision the Chinese are bringing to their ‘originals’ .. wish you even more interesting travel and discoveries!!

  175. Hey Bird and RP,

    I’m David E from Fort Worth, TX.

    I have been fortunate enough to have traveled to about 18 countries in the last 20 years. I am not surprised of the Apple stores you found. I have seen some really good and bad fakes of designer clothing and American goods. Great Photos and the story was well done.

    I plan on visiting Shenzhen and Chengdu/ Sichuan. What are the most important things I should know about traveling to China. I have tried reading up on China and find it difficult to summarize 3,000 years of etiqette, customs, and traditions. I realize that in larger cities the younger generations have started to adopt western habits or customs.

    I’m planing my trip for October of this year, 2011. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

  176. I live in North Vancouver, BC, and liked to your blog through an article about the fake Apple Store on The Vancouver Sun newspaper website.

  177. Hi,

    Jason here, from Denver CO. Ran across the story about apple stores on the BBC News website. Love the title of your blog and your writing. Sweet! If you guys ever need a place to crash in Denver…

    Keep up the good work and stay safe!

  178. Bird Person
    This is Rohit from New Delhi, India. We were laughing and rolling on the floor when we read about this Apple Stoer. 😉

    On a serious note, man these chinese are good at everything they do. They caused Nortel to collapse, next is Cisco and they will make every big company run faster……… scary if they are going after Apple.

  179. Hello, my name is Kit from London, UK.

    I found your blog from the BBC news website about the fake Apple store story on your post. I loved it.

    I’m following you on Bloglovin.

  180. My name ist Frank. I come from Germany and I am neither your sister nor your brother. I have come through the Spiegel online website that told me about the funny ripped off apple stores. Go ahead!

  181. Hi,
    I’m one of your neighbors… well, city-wise anyway 🙂
    I did a double take when I saw Kunming mentioned on the main Reuters website. Had to come check out what another Kunming foreigner was seeing.
    Nice reporting job btw – and great writing!

  182. Great work … i love going through your blog, and yeps the latest of your’s blog “Apple store fakes” gonna make u a celebrity and you are already famous in India 🙂 .

  183. Hi BirdAbroad,

    I just found your blog because it’s all over the news here in the Philippines. I think you’re busy right now moderating and approving hundreds of comments every minute. More power to your blog and post more viral articles, like the fake Apple Store. 😀 Yay!

  184. Hi,
    read about your piece in a Danish newspaper, being from there myself. Kudos to you, it takes real guts to go up against people who have no morals. Although, to be perfectly honest, we are probably all a little bit guilty in having used a copy sometime in our life. And I don’t mean the kind that comes out of a copier :-).
    Be safe!

  185. Hi! I’m Mara from just outside of Washington DC in the US. We found your blog because of your apple store posts but I’ve now taken a few days and gone back and read all of your posts. We were in Kunming last March to adopt our daughter and I love reading about your experiences in Kunming. We stayed at the Kunming Hotel, so a lot of your pictures look familiar! (I sent you an email a few days ago, but I think you have much more important emails to get back to first!!) 🙂

  186. hello i am from frankfurt germany nothing should surprise anybody from china.
    i am flying once a year to tokyo
    two years a go is saw so many chinese tourist in my hotel who bought electronics made in china .
    when i asked them why do they by in japan and not at home because they are made in china anyway
    he told me that in tokyo he can be sure that its 100 % real and not a fake.
    at home in china you never know !

  187. oh wow to be here in person the “real” blog site talking about the fake apple store. I got into a big discussion over this with my friend posing as a regular person that probably doesn’t see why its a big deal. Props to them admitting it. And then acting like a foreigner that sees how fake it is etc. It was a tiring discussion and so I’m glad to have stopped by to read your blog.

    Your truly
    “the Fake Chinese Girl” (ie Chinese Canadian) A Chinese looking girl that’s truly Canadian living in Toronto but having lived in China previously and enjoyed interesting adventures.

  188. found you b/c of the Apple stuff. Was in Kunming last summer on a Fulbright – it was my favorite city of the places we visited.
    Also have an American friend who just moved there. She’ll be teaching English at one of the universities, I think.
    I’ll be back to the blog, and hopefully one day to Kunming.

  189. Hi BirdAbroad,

    Do you think we can reach an agreement so you can remove those pictures of my store?

    I will say a number and you add the “zeros”. I can give you some iphones for free too.


    Xin Gon

  190. me, I too am an American, but I’m in another Chinese city, pretty far away, in Xi’an.

    It’s interesting, well not really that the contents of your blogs differ from mine.

    I’m interested in the homeless population, the pathetic population, the loner population, and wandering population.

    When I see so many pundits and experts bash people, I guess they too like to bash the pitiful poor.

  191. I’m japanese living in Paris. Had a big laugh having read your apple store story. In Japan, there was a TV documentary about the fake Disneyland several years ago. Among all the fake Disney charakters, there were the fake japanese cartoon characters, like Hello Kitty, Doraemon etc. But they didn’t resemble at all and terribly made. I can’t forget their slogan for the publicity, “Disneyland is too far, so let’s go to XX land” They started to do better fake stuff these days, “Apple Stores” on the photos are quite well done… The thing is, Chinese never changes.

  192. Hi! I’m Sonja from Finland. My sister is living in Beijing and I love to read about all oddnesses in China. And your Apple stores-post sure was one of those! Did read about it first time from Helsingin Sanomat which is the largest newspaper in Finland and they linked to your blog.

    Great job (:

  193. Hi Birdabroad, I’m from Malaysia. Also came to visit your blog by way of the fake Apple store post you put up (got the link off CNN). I was entertained!

  194. Im Mena, from Tanzania, east africa. Re directed to your blog through bbc news about the fake aple store. I use aple product sop automatically interested. Nice blog, nico stuff. thankyou

  195. Hey BirdAbroad, I visited Kunming in October of last year (loved the West Mountain) and have spent quite a bit of time in China. You are very brave and bold to put this info out. Piracy is a huge issue in the land of the dragon (I think I remember seeing that Apple store in the big mall in Kunming). Enjoy the DVDs though… it’s always nice to watch the summer blockbusters before they even leave the theatres:) Good luck with all the attention and keep up the good work.

  196. I spent about seven weeks in Yunnan in 1991 and 1993. The second time, my girlfriend and I came over the border from Vietnam at Hekou, took a bus toward Mengzi, hopped off at some little town, then took another bus to a place called Jinping. Jinping was not in the Lonely Planet or any other guidebook back then; we knew of it only because it was shown on a Vietnam map as a “hill tribe center.” When we got to Jinping, the people were as blown away by us as we were by them. We were the only Westerners in town, and apparently few had been before us. Nobody spoke a word of English. When we hiked up the mountain into a little village, the kids ran away from us, having never seen white people before. It was an amazing experience. In 42 months I spent traveling back then on 5 continents, Jinping my favorite place…

  197. James from Louisville, Kentucky. I found you due to the Apple Store frauds in China and want to give you a big congrats for posting them and getting some notority from it!! Crazy how fast stuff travels on the internet!!

  198. I’m an American caught in the ebb and flow of teaching English overseas. I’m soon to return to China (Sept.) and have taught in Japan, Korea, Indonesia and China.

  199. peter from frankfurt, germany – an old apple fan, that loves and spread your story on FB – more shanzai stories, they are hilarious !

  200. Hello BirdAbroad!

    I found your blog through the Apple Store post, but it turned out to be of greater interest to me as I’m planning a trip to China in order to teach English with Evergreen International; http://www.evergreeninternational.co.uk/

    Your blog has given me a greater insight into what life is actually like in China, and has made me all the more excited for next Summer when hopefully I will be going. 🙂 Thanks again!

  201. Hi BirdAbroad, I am from Maldives. People say i am in paradise on earth 🙂 but i don’t believe that. But its naturally very very beautiful. Hope one day you will visit my country and have a chat with me…i will offer you a free coffee 😉

  202. Kris from Poland (now residing in Lower Slaughter in the Cotswolds, England). I might be your long lost brother. Lived briefly in Kunming in 2009 and loved it.

    Looks like you’re famous now after Applegate.

  203. hai, my name is kornita from indonesia.
    i like your posting in your blog, especially the fake apple strore, i got this information from Motion radio which is radio station in indonesia.
    in the other, i like your story about your journey in asia. and i appreciate how you express your thought in writing. my be i have to learn from you about writing.
    thanks you so much, your writing to be my inspiriation.

  204. From Victoria, BC. Followed the articles re. fake apple store and stumbled upon your blog. I’m your fake Canadian sister.

  205. I am James born in Taiwan and raised in LA, now lives in Shanghai. Also a wonderer of sort. I say to all stories about this very nutty place is the stander: Welcome to China, this is NORMAL!!!

  206. Hi there, Melbourne Australia checking in. 0_0

    Read the blog post re: The Fake Apple Stoers via a Tweet.
    It made me smile, to think the place got built/approved was amazing.

    Nice piece of luck,in your journalistic encounter.

  207. Jeff here from New York — working in Manhattan, living on Long Island — but even though you come from New York yourself, I don’t think you are and I are related. 🙂 Loved your posts and picture. I’ve traveled a fair amount, and have even been in China (mainland as well as Hong Kong), and found the culture there to be fascinating. Would love to come back there some day and explore more.

  208. I am in Houston, TX and found your blog via an article about the fake apple stores. My son will be studying in Shanghai for 10 months (beginning in Sep.), so I am very interested in info about life for foreigners in China.

  209. I am in “Paris”

    Paris Ontario Canada…..
    Does that qualify as a fake Paris?

    The front page of “Google News” brought me to your blog.

    However I find your entire Blog interesting and now that I have found it I shall continue to follow it.

    Are we related?

    I thought genetic science and the Bible agree that all life on the planet is related.

  210. Sup!! from Manchester, England.

    Links to your fake Apple story made it the BBC and CNN sites.
    Was checking for news and came across your webby
    anyway great work and thanks for sharing 🙂

  211. Hi Birdy!

    Rudy here, from Saudi Arabia, working as an English Teacher. Would love to come to Kunning to work. What do you think?

  212. I am in Qinghuangdao, China.
    I’m just a student, though my English is not very well, I like reading some blog writen by English speaker. It is difficult for me to understanding the meaning of issue entirly, but i still try my best to understand it. It’s fun!
    By the way, I arrived on your page by the fake apple store news on Engadget.
    Good luck!

  213. Hi, this Apple story got me to your site.
    We’re not related, unless you have family in the holy land, which is where I’m from (Tel Aviv).
    Also, my wife is into natural births. Hopefully, not more than the two she already had…. It’s summer and the kids are out. Two is enough!

  214. Hi!
    Thanks for your great blog. I live in Paris, France, after having spent 3 years in Dallas, TX, and, a long time ago, having spent 2 years in China. I was lucky to travel extensively as a liuxuesheng with a local “green card”, including to Kunming and many other provinces. Since it was between 1988 and 1992, you can guess how different it was then.
    I still enjoy reading stories about China, and am planning a big trip there with my family in a couple of years. See you, zaijian

  215. Hi Bird, i am Peter from Benxi china. an American , i lived in Hainan for a while and am now in Benxi. saw Your Name and started reading. fellow blogger and all. good blog.

  216. Hi, I’m a Mexican living in Kunming, and I wasn’t really gonna leave a comment until I realized… that we are actually connected! I came to live to Kunming for the first time in September 2006 and I was in class with a guy named Jeremy, who introduced me to his girlfriend Elizabeth, as in http://www.elizabethinchina.com
    How small’s the world?!

  217. Hi, I found your blog through an article in The Globe and Mail. I am in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Glad i found it, I like new and interesting blogs.

  218. Hi,

    I’m a fellow blogger, I really like what you had to stay about imposter apple stores. I was talking about the importance of protecting your brand and I linked back to you in reference to your Apple post.

    Scribble Town

    • I sincerely apologize to those of you who are on overload with comment emails from this blog! I can’t unsubscribe you myself, unfortunately, and am contacting WordPress to figure out why you all are having such a hard time unsubscribing. I’ll let you know ASAP.

  219. I am located in Shanghai and came to your website because of the fake Apple Store post (but before the media was that excited) I know how you feel (people losing their jobs etc.) but that’s not your fault. However, sooner or later they would face this anyway. I have been in one of the Shanghai Apple stores and must say that your pictures show that the shops in Kunming are really good copies.

  220. Robin,

    I’m having the same problem. I just now sent this e-mail to BirdAbroad in hopes of finding out how to unsubscribe:

    I enjoy your blog very much, but didn’t realize I would get 40 or so e-mails a day when I checked the box for seeing posts, thinking I’d only see any comments on my original post. I’ve learned that you have a very widely read blog! Anyway, four days ago, I somehow found a page to uncheck the box, but I am still receiving posts. I thought I’d look at my subscription information again and do it over, if the box was still checked, but I can’t find it. BTW, there is a note saying “Change email frequency or cancel this subscription at Manage Subscriptions” at the bottom of the page on each of the e-mails I receive, but clicking that takes me to the WorldPress.com home page, where I can’t find a link to the subscription management page. I see that another reader, Robin, is having the same problem. Please help us out by providing directions on how to find the unsubscribe Web page.

    David Miller

  221. Zagreb, Croatia. Courtesy of Ruadhán ÒNeill.
    Not fake, it is premium reseller.
    Look better on the photo.
    I live in Zagreb and It has been proven it`s not fake.

  222. I’m in Richmond, California, a little north of Berkeley. Read about your Apple Store posting in the San Francisco Chronicle last week and just now followed the link in from Computerworld’s Weekly Top 10 wrap-up (July 29).

    Good blog; thanks for your posts. BTW, I love the bird frieze at the top of this page. Where is it from? Best of luck with your travels and many pursuits. Give my best to your sister.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog!

      The bird frieze is a detail of an engraved door that I photographed at the Zhu Family Gardens (Zhu Jia Huayuan) in Jianshui, Yunnan.

  223. Hi, I am 27, from Edinburgh, Scotland, I really like your blog and am planning to move to Kunming this September/October. I am sure you are busy, but any advice or thoughts you would like to share would earn my heartfelt thanks and appreciation – I confess I am feeling a tad nervous right about now. :/

    P.S It feels obligatory now to add that I am also not your sister. 😉

  224. I’m ZhangYing from Yulin, a small city in northwestern China. Really like your fake apple post. Actually there’s thousands of such shanzhai things in China. People using shanzhai cellphones are far more than those use any other brands, even Nokia. But the view from you, a foreigner to me are really interesting. I’m studying in senior high school now, and I dreamed about travelling abroad like you, to learn more interesting things and have a brand new life.(better with a girlfriend)
    Thanks for the post!
    (forgive my poor English)

  225. Me too .I have emailed the support twice and I am still getting about 5 emails a day with updates from the blog. Don’t know why I can’t stop it. I have removed the blog from the subscriptions and they keep coming. I know it ain’t your fault Jessica but it’s a problem!

    • Ugh! I have emailed WordPress again to ask them what the deal is. I have no idea why they make this such a mysterious and tedious process! I will let you all know as soon as I hear from them.

    • Here’s a suggestion from WordPress re:comments:

      “Users without WordPress.com account currently can manage their subscriptions under http://subscribe.wordpress.com – enter the email address, then follow the link sent, and you will be able to view/delete your subscriptions under Sites and Comments tabs, and block all emails from WordPress.com under the Settings tab, if desired.”

  226. I just wanted to send a quick comment and say I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I’m an expat living in Shenzhen (have been in China almost 5 years now) and had seen your blog about 6 months ago before all of this Apple news broke.

    Like you said, you only normally write your blog for the 6 or so friends and family that read it, and I recently started a blog for my friends and family to read. Even so, I wanted to link to your site because you have some really great posts and insight (I put a link to your blog on the right column of mine. I hope this is okay). I also just put up a post referencing your follow up to the whole Apple craze (excuse the post’s title: http://chinaisku.com/posts/2011/8/2/really-this-is-now-a-big-deal-it-was-one-god-damn-fake-apple.html). I read your follow up and it seems you have some regret about the situation. I know exactly what you mean. Like you said, the closing of the store isn’t surprising with this press (it’s a Chinese thing) but it is unfortunate. Meiyou banfa.

    I hope some of the people coming to your site over the past few weeks take time to read some of your other posts. I just read your new one about hospital birth and it struck a few cords with similarities I have also experienced here in Chinese hospitals. I have never been to Kumming but am not too far away. I’m sure I’ll visit one day. I hope you continue writing and as long as you do I will make sure to continue reading.


  227. Hi birdabroad! I’m an italian journalist working in design and furniture sectors. I visited your blog because of the great clamour about fake Apple store… and then the fake IKEA store. It’s been nice to “meet” you here also because I’m very curious about the chinese world. I leave in Milan! bye. Maria

  228. Hi, I live in Las Vegas and when you return to the U.S. after saving the world please visit and I’ll take you to the Apple Store at Town Square 😉 Enjoyed your blog while I was pregnant and just caught up after. Did you see American birth control will now be covered by insurance? Saving $20 billion a year….and only about, um, 25 years behind. Be well

  229. Hello birdabroad, I am a Dutch journalist for MacFan magazine. I came on your site looking for the source of the widespread story on fake Apple Stores. Hope you can manage all the traffic this has caused!

  230. HI,Birdabroad, Call me Jacky,I’m chinese 36-M ,in Xi’an, I happened to get ur link thru Yahoo. Also I got to konow there is a faked IKEA in Kuming too.Don’t be astonished, this is China nowadays, maybe will get better tomorrow, Chinese is richer than only in pocket not in mind ! want to make friend with u . email ID, tongbin423@yahoo.com.cn

  231. Hi,

    I am currently a grad student in Kunming, here with my family. I don’t know if you remember, but we actually met at Hannukah down by Green Lake–you were there with your husband (who is also working on a PhD, yes?), and I had come alone having just arrived in Kunming. Anyway, just wanted to say that I found your blog because of the Apple craziness (all my friends in the U.S. wanted to know if I had been in one of the FAKE. APPLE. STORES!), but I have continued to read because I am so interested in your work. I was a Peace Corps volunteer, and we did a lot of training for public health. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to reading more.


  232. Bird,

    I was able to successfully follow the last instructions you gave me for deleting subscriptions (going through settings) and the flood of e-mail posts has stopped. Thanks! I don’t know why WorldPress makes it so hard to do. I continue to drop in on your blog now and then to keep up with what you two are doing and to view more of the videos. I am interested in history in general and really enjoyed the video on Birobidzhan as well as “Jews in Malaysia”. The Klezmer sound track to the latter was a fun surprise!

    David Miller

  233. Enjoying your blog from hot and humid Montreal. We live not far from a Hasidic neighborhood in Outremont. Stumbled here because of the fake Apple store story, then I find you have a very interesting blog that appeals to me on several levels.

    I am keen on following your midwifery in China project, as I am of Chinese origin and was fortunate to have all my 3 children birthed with the help of midwives here. Please do tell me if there is a way to make a donation to the projects you are working on.

    • Hi Amy! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

      It’s really sweet of you to ask about making a donation – at the moment the project is really in its initial stage, and I know Barbara is looking for funding sources, but there isn’t a convenient way for donations to be received at the moment. Let me ask her if there is a way to set something up and I’ll let you know.

      Thanks again!

  234. Hi Bird,
    Just like most of the people, I visit your blog because of your famous story —Apple store, so funny but not surprise. there’s too many of this kind things happen around me. But I like your life, must be much of experience and widen sight! I want to make friend with you if you not mind, add me in MSN. sophiaming21@hotmail.com
    Have a nice day!

  235. Hi Bird,

    I am currently living in Michigan. We are probably related through Adam or Noah. Ha! I just read an update on Kunming. The authorities have found 22 fake “Apple” stores in one city.

    Heck, how do the Chinese get away with this for so long that it takes a conscientious blogger to expose the scam. Indeed, humanity is one interesting case study.

    The BBC Reported: Chinese authorities find 22 fake Apple stores


  236. I am a retired, but still free lancing former AP foreign correspondent. I now try to edit, at least a little bit, Allvoices.com and I write occasionally for the Huff Post. I am in Denver. Are you moving to New Orleans. Darn, just when I discovered your great posts. I think I saw them once before. But there is so much to read and so little time. Way too much consumed by crap.

  237. Hello Abroad. Stumbled on your blog via BBC. Great work. A chemicals salesperson working for a large multinational currently living in Toronto, Canada and envying your travels 🙂

  238. Hi, I got here through BBC, they had your fake apple store story in the news. bahahaha! That’s something I expected Google to do (they obviously copy a lot of Apple). Anyways, after nosing around, I decided to leave a mark on this here page.

    Keep on writting,
    Lucian from Zalau, Romania

  239. hi, i am chimi from Bhutan. you might wonder where the hell it is located. it is a beautiful country located to south of china. Came to know ’bout your blog thru’ this apple story of yours. Been to so many places at such a young age, i seriously envy you..:P… keep on writing…

  240. From West Palm Beach, Fl. Loved your apple story and your blogs. Reading your blogs just make me wish I was there right now. I visit China frequently and I love every minute that I’m there. I love the people, the food, the culture and the attention I get (do feel guilty at times) … China might not be perfect but the good outweigh the bad.
    China is my second favorite country with US being my first. Jia you Zhong Guo Zhong Guo Jia you.

  241. Just found your blog through bbc.co.uk – i’m from Cyprus – its a tiny island in the Mediterranean ocean –

  242. Hi, Thanks for all this interesting reporting !!
    Down here in Shenzhen, the place where many of the Apple products are assembled, fake electronic stuff is everywhere.

    This is new as to a chain of fakers…..only in China.
    Thanks for your careful attention !!!

  243. Hi – if you’re still reading this far down! I’m in Oxford, UK, and found your blog through the BBC website. Will enjoy reading your blog

  244. Dear birdabroad
    Read the intriguing blog posts about copycat apple stores in china, amazing stuff, I remembered years ago seeing extremely convincing ipods in similar packaging sold on the streetstalls in HK….
    I came across your website through BBC – will def read more of your posts
    T x

  245. …just another Apple retail story fan – what a surprise! – who’s sadly not your sister either. I have lived in Munich, London, Amsterdam and now live in Berlin, Germany… and I Blog too… Regards, just from a place with the incredible name Red Bluff, Andreas

  246. Was linked here from BBC regarding the fake apple stores..
    Has mainly travelled to Fujian and Shenzhen province, as well as, a small number of other China cities for work.
    Really hope China will go to the root of the problem, or 斩草除根 because I am sure this issue does not only affect Apple stores.

  247. I live mostly on an iCloud. They are easy to reach from Denver, where I spent a part of my life as an air force brat before later working around the world. Now I have retired as an AP foreign correspondent but still consult and do freelance writing. robert weller

  248. Hey Alon from Israel, yeah wer’e probably related somehow… Great blog, great presentation on the videos. Got here through the BBC story on fake Apple products, stayed for the mixture of Yidish and China.

    Thought of visiting China myself, and your blog is convinsing me even more, to go there.

  249. Hi – I’m Jane from the The Hague, Netherlands via New Orleans (hope your sister is enjoying NOLA) and the UK. I blog as wordgeyser.com and was forwarded yours by a girlfriend who recommended it! Loved it!

  250. Hi
    I’m from Bath in England, read your blog from a link on the BBC News Site about fake Apple stores.
    I enjoy your blog and like many other posters I am not your sister!

  251. MMM, fake apple story got this Kiwi in Canterbury. Enjoyed your story. I too work in places (PNG/INdonesia) where answers to health, gardens etc are not easy. cheers, dave.

  252. I was lucky enough to get sent on V.S.O. in 1968, when I was 18 to Jamaica. It was a huge lesson in all sorts of ways and has helped me adjust to the rest of my permanent immigrant life. Currently, I have retired to Atlanta, GA, which is a very nice place.

    Most Americans could do with being sent abroad without their cellphones and cars for a few months.

    It would improve their attitude toward their luck at living in America no end.


  253. Hi BirdaBroad, you’ve made quite an impression with your Apple story…it was featured in Computerworld Hong Kong today. Keep up the great journalism. Cheers Mark (in HK)

  254. Hi
    I’m a german student and actually I thought about going to china because my university has an exchange program and it seemed interesting. So I was looking up some more stuff and in the newspaper ‘Spiegel’ they talked about your store story and there I found your address.
    Your website is really intresting ^-°

  255. I live in New Jersey, USA, and I just found your blog via the Engrish.com
    brog. I had the pleasure (and the chuckles) of visiting my daughter in Beijing last year, and experiencing some of the cultural oddities that you have spoken about.

  256. Hey! I am from Turkey. I followed a link here on Engadget.com about the fake apple store post. And no, not your sister 🙂

    And I loved “What to Do If Your Blog Goes Viral: 10 Tips” post. Good advice to keep in mind.

  257. I’m in Sacramento, California.
    I enjoy reading your travel blog. I find it very interesting, as I enjoy traveling all over the world.

  258. Hi great blog,like to read about people on there travels, and the different culture people have.Yes the apple store was great having one my self. Cheers

  259. I found your blog off a link from CNN about fake Apple stores. After reading that story I have browsed other posts such as the one about birth control in China. I have never been to China and probably will never go there, but I have always been fascinated by pictures and stories of China.

    I enjoy your blog and will continue reading your stories. From the looks of it, you have been doing this for a long time and there are many archived posts to read. Thanks and keep up the good work. It is amazing how blogs can communicate all over the world. Here I am reading your posts on the other side of the world.

  260. Hi, this is Andreja from Uttaradit. I’m german living in Thailand for some ten years now.
    I stuck to your blog about the women in the small hospital who didn’t drink water because the toilette was outside….very moving.
    Thanks for the pretty picture road to burma “snake road”.
    Somtimes I wish there were no borders here , no visas and I could take a ride to the neighbouring countries more easily.
    Take care na kha

  261. I live in Dallas and I found your blog through a story on CNN. It was the story about counterfeit Apple Stores. I thought your post was great and the pictures of the stores were pretty shocking. I hope you do more posts like that one. I book marked your site and I will be following future posts. I also have a blog myself. Thanks.

  262. Zounds! I must’ve hit the wrong key.

    Anyway as I was saying, I was born in the US but now I live in Taiwan. I had actually heard of Kunming (it was Kunming, wasn’t it?), though never been there.

    I quite enjoyed your piece about Apple rips, pix too. Especially the pic w the misspelling. Keep up the good blog.

  263. Hi there,
    I am a french Phd student curently based in India. I’ll go to China to finish my thesis, So, I found your blog very interesting.



  264. I’m in love with your Yiddish video blog which I found by accident while searching for Anna Sophie Loewenberg for a new Chinese Jewish facebook acquaintance whose page is called AllofaSuddenPartJew.

    • Thanks, Linda! I have to admit that Anna Sophie Loewenberg – or as we know her over here in China, Su Fei – is my Jewish-video-blogging nemesis. Despite the fact that she is doubtless unaware of my existence, we are actually in fierce competition for readers interested in all things China-/Jewish-/women-related. All five of them. 😉

  265. Hi! I live in Sydney and I am 13 years old. My 7-strong army of blogs seem so… small compared to yours. But your blog is fantastic! Really interesting, and I actually get it too.

    Gobbledegok (I too, use a fake identity when blogging)

  266. Hi there! I’m an engineer in silicon valley and have had the chance to go to China a few times on business. Fascinating region – I can’t read enough about it.

    I’ve greatly enjoyed your perspective and style over the last few months, and wanted to pop-in and say thanks. Best!

  267. Hello, I’m studying Yiddish in London (UCL), with homework set around one of the yid in khine videos! So thanks, you go and make some videos thinking they’re fun and all, and then they get lumped on someones plate as heimarbet 😉

  268. Hello, there!
    I’m a system engineer currently working in Japan.

    I was born in Hubei province, China. However, I spent most of my life aboard since 18. I have spent my post-secondary life in Canada since ’02, and now working in Japan.

    Wish you all the best!

  269. I teach English Second Language at a college in Colorado USA. I found your blog through the Engrish site, which I read from time to time because it makes me laugh, it’s sooo funny! I love my native language. Would like to teach in China one day. . .

  270. Still enjoying your adventures vicariously, and now kicking myself hard for not jumping waters over to Taiwan, esp. since I had a friend teaching and living there, while I lived in Yantai, China for two years.
    Keep it coming 🙂
    You bring me back to those times in China where every day was a surprise.
    Cheers, Bonnie
    Vashon Island, WA

  271. Like many, I discovered your blog due to the Apple Store pic. As an Electronics Engineer, I traveled to China (Shenzhen, Donguan, Guanzhou, Ningbo, Weihai) on business about 8 times from 2004 – 2009. Never been to Beijing or Shanghai. Enjoy seeing your photos and hearing about your adventures. Most of my photos are of industrial areas (although some, like the coast off of Weihai are quite breathtaking).

  272. Hi!

    My name is Mary and I live in the United States- near Charleston, S.C. My oldest child (13 year old daughter) and I will be in Kunming, Yunnan in July- that is how I came by your blog (after a search about the area- but the link was not to your blog itself, but to a story about the counterfeiting of entire stores in China. I had heard the story on the news but was surprised to learn it was exposed by a blogger- so I looked up the blog).

  273. Hi BirdAbroad,
    Another Joris from the Netherlands. WordPress directed me to the Apple Stoer post (stoer = Dutch for tough ;o). Guess what, speaking Dutch and German I can largely follow your Yiddish movies without reading the subtitles.

  274. Hey BA…..
    this is JaF am from India…. i visited ur blog today only n like ur post abt the fake apple stores in China…. yea propably this happens only in china.
    Btw ….. great blog indeed….. Gud Luck

  275. Greetings from Great Britain ( unsure whether we still are that great but anyway…)

    The online trail of the fake Apple store led me to your truly informative blog. What a fascinating piece of investigative journalism !

  276. Your concern is warranted but look at the BIGGER PICTURE. Here is an article about Ron Paul and though he is an extremist this article hits the nail on the head of why America is no longer governed by the people and for the people. This includes President Inept Obama who signed the bill.
    On Wednesday, GOP presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) urged his congressional colleagues to support legislation that would repeal a clause of the National Defense Authorization Act that could allow for the indefinite detention of American citizens, simultaneously criticizing Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) for his past comments on detainees.

    In a break from his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, Paul took to the House floor to speak out against the NDAA’s Section 1021, which allows the government to detain without trial individuals who have “substantially supported al Qaeda, the Taliban, or associated forces that are engaged in hostilities against the United States.” Paul and other opponents of the section’s language fear that the legislation could lead to Americans being detained without due process.

    Section 1021, Paul said Wednesday, “provides for the possibility of the U.S. military acting as a kind of police force on U.S. soil, apprehending terror suspects, including Americans, and whisking them off to an undisclosed location indefinitely.”

    Paul continued, “Sadly, too many of my colleagues are too willing to undermine our constitution to support such outrageous legislation. One senator even said, about American citizens being picked up under this section of the NDAA, ‘When they say ‘I want my lawyer,’ you tell them, ‘Shut up. You don’t get a lawyer.'”

    The unnamed senator was Graham, who made the remarks on the Senate floor in December before voting on the legislation.

    “Is this acceptable in someone who has taken an oath to uphold the constitution?” Paul asked on Wednesday.

    President Barack Obama signed the bill into law late last year, but specified in a signing statement that he would not detain Americans without trial.
    Americans had better wake up!
    Jim Schrang

  277. Hello. Or gretting from Brazil!
    I am Hernandi and I found your blog in a tecnological site(just a mention about your blog).
    You talked about fake Apple Store you found there.
    So I decide to know your blog.
    And really it is very nice!
    I would like to visit China in near future. I already talked with some Chineses… in english, 🙂
    Do you know some hostel in you town to suggest-me?
    I would like to pass maybe a month, knowing china and places around there.
    Please, reply in my email.
    Oh, I will visit you from now. I realy like your insights about China and Chinese people!
    Please, sorry my english mistakes.

  278. I went to college with your Mom (back in the day…). She recently sent word of your DISQUIET award, which by its name sparked my interest. So, congratulations!!! Paul Rilla

    Ps – looking forward to your book

  279. While planning a lengthy first-time trip to China, stumbled upon your blog from the Fake Apple store post. Really enjoy your sincere and passionate writing.
    -Lisa, Brooklyn, NY

  280. I’m a British teacher about to complete my first ever placement here in China. I haven’t updated my blog in months, mainly because I’m worried I won’t be able to get away with revealing what goes on here.

    Constantly asking myself “what have I got myself into here?!”

    • Deciding what to blog about while you’re in China is a tough one – I think sometimes people go too far in paranoia about what’s going to happen to them (will I get deported?! will the PSB come for me?!) but I don’t think you’re wrong to be hesitant. It’s tricky to write about your work situation even when you’re in your home country, to say nothing of working in a place like China!

      I’d love to read your blog if you do update it; the first time I came to China it was as an English teacher in Guangxi province (arrived on New Year’s day in 2004) and I wish I had been keeping a blog back then.

      Best of luck to you, no matter what you decide!

      • Thanks, Jess. I actually do agree with you about the paranoia foreigners here go through, which is more profound now following recent events in Beijing. Hundred-day illegal Laowei crack-down, Brit tourist attacker, Russian Cellist fight, Bo xilai, “Crazy English” Li Yang, anything on ChinaSMACK, etc.- all of this has not been healthy reading. In fact, you have made me realise just how I’m struggling to find anything positive to say for my blog. Let’s hope it improves in my next placement.

  281. I’m from Vancouver, Canada. Linked here from Engrish.com, stayed awhile, found it all very interesting 🙂 btw – I used a midwife when I had my daughter, best decision I ever made! I think you are making a wonderful career choice.

  282. Hello!! I am Chinese-Canadian-American living in Los Angeles… but will be visiting my family in Kunming next two weeks. I would love to see more of the expat community in Kunming and hope to get in touch!! Curiously, I’ve found that all my friends in America are Asian… and yet in China, I end up hanging out with all the Laowai.. hehe =)

  283. I am also a student midwife in NYC (Stony Brook university). What can you tell me about Midwives in China- are they (foreign MW) allowed to practice? I dream of practicing in China.

  284. I am Judith from the Netherlands, currently living in Beijing. I’m always interested in reading the China experiences of fellow expats, especially if they live in more exotic regions of China than Beijing!

  285. Hello! I’m Monika. I’m in Florida and I’m looking into becoming a nurse-midwife, so I’m trying to find blogs to follow here to learn more about the life. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  286. Hi! I was looking up information regarding certified nurse midwife training, as I am in my sophomore year of college, studying to get my BSN, and eventually work as a CNM. I’m located in Dahlonega, GA, but am planning on getting my masters at Hunter College in New York. What a coincidence! I’ve got a northern heart in a southern home. I love your blog, you’re basically me in Jewish form. I’m a red head, staunch feminist, kind of a free spirit, and I love international travel. I hope you read this and see that your blog makes an impact! Thanks so much –Natalie Purser

    • Thanks so much for reading, Natalie! Feel free to send me an email at womansworkblog AT gmail DOT com if you have any questions about training to be a midwife.

  287. I’m a future L&D Nurse and CNM. Currently in Nursing School and a Birth Doula through DONA. Just read your post about NEVER leaving a woman alone when she’s having a rough time after an epidural and loved it. Looking forward to reading more!

    • Wonderful! I would start by shadowing a nurse-midwife in your area to see what the work is really about. I would also consider training as a doula, so that you have experience supporting women in labor. If you’re located in the US and want to become a midwife as soon as possible, considering attending a college with a strong nursing program. After that you can apply right to midwifery school. Good luck! Feel free to email me with more questions.

  288. I understand so well what you speak of. I am a midwife in ct not currently practicing unfortunately. I went on a medical mission to nicaragua this year and plan more in the future. Looking forward to more posts from you,

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