Birth Control in China

In case you are a foreigner wondering what the birth control situation might be like for you in China, ElizabethinChina collected a lot of good information on this.  I defer to her:

Birth Control in China

So to those of you who have been Googling “birth control” “China” “foreigner” and not looking for information on the One Child Policy: welcome!

12 thoughts on “Birth Control in China

  1. 🙂 I found your site via twitter – the article about the Apple Stores. Ironically – I am writing my final thesis on the One Child Policy in China….thanks for you blog!

  2. Great article and pictures. I am not a relative….in my business life I don’t think there has ever been anything I have been involved with that I didn’t see China and the Chinese people try and replicate, steal, or copy.
    Fascinating really….I wonder if they do this because their government has controlled their lives to such a great extent that it has thwarted any imagination or creativity ??
    I deal with business people from all over the globe and I am always amazed how quick they are to point out the negatives of our great United States and our way of life….but I am always quick to remind them of products they seek like Apple and Windows. Where would the rest of the world be without Microsoft and Apple…and genuine American ingenuity and creativity….answer….about 25 years behind in technology..thats where.
    I hope Steve Jobs reads your blogs and looks at your pictures….I think he should send you two a couple of free iPads and iPhones for your freelance work….I sure hope he realizes how fast his products, trademarks, trade-names, concepts and ideas can be duplicated.
    GREAT BLOG…..Stay safe in your travels !!

  3. The funny thing with those stores is that they buy ipad iphone from us, so apple and retailers in US take a cut, then smuggled into China, no import tax paid…..closing it down has a negative impact on US economy…

  4. Why not write something about what you can see with your own eyes regarding the One Child Policy? I.e., how it has affected people you know, whether and how people find ways around it, consequences, and so on.

    I’ve seen plenty about the One Child policy in the U.S. propaganda stream over the years. But it’s always presented by someone with an axe to grind, and heavily flavored with prejudice and politics.

    Maybe you could do it better?

  5. Hello BirdAbroad and those friends who are concerned about the situations in China, actually most of the Chinese understand that yes, we did do a lot of things which sounds ridiculous and bad, however, that the true reality and the tough competitions and life which leaves most of them without choices. The rip-off, the conterfeit or the fake as you all said aren’t really what we wanna, but as you could see there are lots of problems regarding the life of us which are bad and not what we truely wanna. Take the example of the Birth-control, I was one of the produsts of the tough policy, and I could tell you how badly I hope to have sisters or brothers, and the worse is that you know your baby brothers had to “leave”only bcz the family cannot afford the life expense. Oh, maybe one good thing is that the richer famlilies or celebrites don’t have to follow the same step. And the best thing is that the priorities of them are far beyond what we could imagine. However, I am not trying to find excuse for our behaviors, I just wanna say we may need a long way to keep up with the peace of the world and we are trying, at least some ppl are. But the most important thing I think it’s our heart.

  6. The One Child Policy doesn’t apply to: Chinese citizens categorised as belonging to a minority race (there are 55 groups); as well as wealthy citizens, who can pay the ‘penalty’ tax; and if the family doesn’t get a boy the first time around, then they can try again.

    Outside big cities, and even in big cities, there is little quality control testing for local birth control products (or any products for the matter)…however, there are expatriate shops just outside the subway stations. Carrefour also sells foreign goods. For anyone reading, you might try your luck at these places/order online.

    • Thanks for your comment.

      This is why referring to it as the “One Child Policy” is not technically accurate. While many Han people are only allowed to have one child, Han couples, living in certain large cities, who are each an only child, may now have two children. Different ethnic minority groups are allowed to have different numbers of children – one group may be allowed to have two under any circumstances, another may be allowed to have two only if the first is a girl, still another may be allowed to have three if the first two are girls, and so on.

      As for quality control of birth control products: for the record, I haven’t had any problems with Marvelon purchased in Kunming over the past couple years, but that’s just my personal anecdote.

    • Certain kinds of birth control can be free depending on where (and who) you are – the most popular forms of birth control in China are the IUD and sterilization (of the woman, I believe). These can be free, or available at very low cost. Birth control pills are usually very cheap, as are condoms.

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