Chilling in Shaxi

After overdoing it slightly with Tiger Leaping Gorge, I’ll keep it brief with Shaxi, the place we headed to next.

Shaxi is simply the prettiest and most pleasant place I have ever been in China. It’s not stunningly beautiful or dramatic. It’s a quiet town surrounded by tidy little Bai villages and rice paddies; a place to come put up your feet and nap in the sun when life in China gets you down.

Things to do in Shaxi include reading, writing, sipping tea, going for bucolic walks, and watching the stars. And feeding the ducks.

I’d like to give a little plug for Mr. Wu’s Dragonfly Guesthouse; we didn’t stay there, but we did take a beautiful walk to have dinner there. I recommend you do the same; Mr. Wu has converted an old village theater into a guesthouse, restaurant, and possible organic farming project – plus, his mother cooks like a dream.

To get to Shaxi, take a bus from Lijiang to Jianchuan, and then a van on from there. The whole thing takes maybe 4 hours.

5 thoughts on “Chilling in Shaxi

    • RP and I were there together – sigh. So nice in Shaxi.

      This post was actually supposed to go up 3 weeks ago! I scheduled a bunch of posts (including the Tiger Leaping Gorge ones) and then must have done something wrong, because I just realized they never got posted…

      Anyway. Trying to put up a post about Taiwan tonight but the internet is so. slow.


  1. Hmmm… I wonder whether Shaxi was the prettiest place because of your own state of mind. In your photos it does look lovely and peaceful… but prettiest? Ever been to Kaiping in southern Guangdong, watch tower country, for instance? Not to take away from your joy, however… πŸ™‚

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