Breaking News: Investigation Launched into Fake Apple Stores

This just in from Chinese official news outlet Xinhua:

Kunming launches inspection on fake ‘Apple Stores’

Industrial and commercial authorities in Kunming, capital city of southwestern Yunnan Province, on Friday started an inspection on all the city’s electronics stores.

The inspection is carried out after three stores, self-named “Apple Stores” yet never authorized by the Apple Inc., were exposed via the Internet.

The inspection includes business licenses, authorized permits of brand use, and the purchase channel of each store, said a worker with the city’s industrial and commercial department.

The inspection result will be announced to the public soon, the worker said.

The three alleged fake “Apple Stores” were discovered by a traveling blogger named BirdAbroad, who posted photos and challenged the stores’ legitimate status and rights to use Apple’s logo.

This kind of thing never happens!

15 thoughts on “Breaking News: Investigation Launched into Fake Apple Stores

  1. Wow! I’m really shocked that the city bothered to do this… It would be interesting to see if the results of the inspections led to any shutdowns!

  2. Standard response from Govt Officials, the Chinese news outlets always publish such (written in Chinese of course), whether anything comes about this or even anything results from the findings get publish is another matter.

    Keep up the good work “birdabroad” maybe you’ll accomplish what western govt have tried to stop in China for so many years with no results.

  3. I seriously doubt this crackdown is for real or here to stay. Those shop owners probably bribed the officials and make them look other way. Who knows, this Apple STOER might be no more, but a few days later, there will be another iApple or iStore or something alike popping up.

    The commies are rotten to the core, this is not something that can be cured overnight. Mark my words.

  4. Have you thought about the store employees who would be out of work if the stores were forced to close? Have you thought about being tracked down and confronted by angry out of work people?

    Your self-righteous indignation (Oh look they’re dissing our (American) IP rights!!!!gotta get them!!call to the netizens to expose them!) blinds you to the consequences of your actions.

  5. Well your local so called Apple Store has been shut down and all those staff are now out of a job, and im sure as an expat living in China you are aware how difficult it is for Chinese Nationals to find work.

    This is the problem here in China so many expats (particularly American’s) come here and expect or want living in China to be the same as the US, this is China, it is a different place and has a different culture, either embrace China as country and embrace the culture or leave.

    Shame on you

  6. Me thinks China owns americas’ butt. The whole lot of it. maybe not fair, but hay. Who gives rice to man so freely? My cup runneth over when I realize the thinkers in China elite are not as unbalanced as Capitalist would have you think, or have you brainwashed..

    …accordingly David Wilcock,, agrees. A moneyless society not a galaxy too far away, who know no evil nor earth economics as we have here maybe just around the corner, willing to meet us. And China knows it!

    Perhaps like rice, birds and bees do no harm to no one. We will ascend to similar heights. meeting up with brothers and sister a far;
    Steve continuing with us in spirit. All of us debt free, spiritually free, at last.

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