Out of Asia – Part II: Beirut

Beirut is a city that is alternately edgy, trendy, and tragic. A place that, from the vantage point of right-this-minute, seems to have its best days behind it.

Unfortunately, the conference that took me to Beirut was located in an awkward, distant part of town, so I didn’t get much time to explore the city – but I did have one full day to get a little taste of the place, and had an entire week to gorge myself on Lebanese food and drink, which is OUTRAGEOUSLY good, as my parents would say.

I mostly photographed the architecture, and while it may seem like I’m giving too much attention to the bullet-riddled, bombed-out places, this is actually what the city looks like outside of the small kernel of downtown that has been gloriously rebuilt.

Or rather, this is what I was not stopped from photographing by the small army of guys in fatigues with machine guns, littering the city.

There are tiny sections of French colonial architecture that were also preserved and have been restored, but a feeling of decrepitude dominates.That said, there was actually a lot of construction going on when I was there. Considering the current regional instability, particularly in Syria, it seemed…optimistic.

It is a beautiful city, in its way, nonetheless.

Click photos below for full gallery.

6 thoughts on “Out of Asia – Part II: Beirut

      • That will come as a shock to every geographer, cartographer, and political analyst on the planet. Lebanon and therefore Beirut, is in Asia. No matter of opinion. Look at a map.

  1. Hi, May I know where did you go to exactly in Beirut? I was surprised you said it still is a “bullet-riddled, bombed-out place”.
    In the area right outside of the downtown area there are still a couple of damaged buildings and those are still left like this usually because of problems in ownership, but -with the exception of a small number of areas still damaged by the 2006 war- Beirut does NOT look like that!

    • I was there at the beginning of April – I didn’t seek out any particular parts of town, this is what I just happened to see and photograph. Much of what I saw looked like these photographs – far more than just a couple of buildings.

  2. I am in love with your photography! Amazing photos! Of course, being around this scenery makes photography a whole lot easier, but nonetheless, these are wonderful! Good job!

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