4 thoughts on “兔子兔子!

  1. This is an excellent video, which is well edited and professionally done. Nice work with the revealing conversations and fantastic dialogue. I am curious about the trend I have been hearing where many of the children no longer want the responsibility of caring for their elderly parents. Hence, the discussing of a law which makes visitation mandatory. Do you think that China will have to begin to consider some financial support or facilities with this growing trend? Also, your interviews include a lot of comments regarding pensions and their retirement. Where do these come from? Obviously, companies…however which companies and how much pension do they receive? Do they have vesting terms?

    Thank you for sharing this delightful slice of a place I hope to visit in the not to distant future.

    • Some from home, some from books, and finally an intensive course in Vilna and working for a Yiddish theater in New York!

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