Woah, Where’d January Go?

Well actually, I can tell you where it went: Hong Kong.

RP and I have just completed The Great Visa Caper of January 2011, and are now legit in this fair land for another year. It did require us, however, to go to Hong Kong for an absurdly long period of time. And what did we do with ourselves during that time (apart from very diligently completing office work, of course boss!)?

We went to the races at Happy Valley!

And actually very nearly almost won enough money to break even!

We got to marvel at an actual street parade (no such thing ever to be seen on the mainland, for whatever reason…), featuring little girls hoisted up on poles…

And guys about to do a traditional lion dance…BUT WITH A SUBWAY CAR INSTEAD…

Plus we ate enough dim sum to sink a ship, and hung out with more people from college who are now living in HK than I have seen in several years. And beat a retreat to Stanley when the buzz of Hong Kong Island verged on over-stimulation.

Ah, Hong Kong. How I love to visit you. But probably not to live in you, since I would have to prostitute myself in your streets in order to afford it.

So…I know you think I’m back now, but actually we’re leaving tomorrow for New Zealand, via Singapore and back through Melbourne. The Chinese New Year is almost upon us, which means it’s time to exit the country. This is such an itinerant period in our lives that I’m starting to get slightly dizzy…remind me of that when I’m armpit-deep in nursing school and don’t have time to go anywhere.

Resolution for the next 24 hours: POST PICTURES FROM CAMBODIA! Coming shortly.

8 thoughts on “Woah, Where’d January Go?

    • We actually just went in early January! I’ve been slacking on posting the photos because there are so many…because it was amazing. 🙂

  1. The American in me may be appalled but the rest of me wonders why we expect other cultures to have the same values as we. It’s easy to get on our high horse about someone else’s morality but considering what the U.S. did with Original Peoples and with slavery; considering how little attention we paid to environment and pollution while WE were the developing country yet dictating to other developing nations how they should live; considering our history I’m not so sure we have a great right to point fingers and throw stones.


  2. Hi, it is just an accident to stop by at your blog. Having saw a piece of news about the fake Apple store that you posted earlier made me interested to see the whole story. Being a HK people who is currently living in Finland, i couldn’t agree more about your comment : “Ah, Hong Kong. How I love to visit you. But probably not to live in you, since I would have to prostitute myself in your streets in order to afford it.” The reality is, even prostitution is not enough to afford an apartment there, i thought of selling blood and like some of my male friends said, perhaps sperm to try to get ourselves a tiny place with four pieces of wall and a roof.

  3. Hello! Excuse me, I’m from Argentina and came to your blog for the pictures you have posted of the fake Apple store, I noticed the pictures you post, you travel the world for work or for some other reason? of course, photos are beautiful, congratulations!
    ps: I beg your forgiveness if my English is not the best.. jaja

  4. How you managed to get publicity for this claim I do not know but how clever you are.
    The only problem is your claim appears incorrect or at least the BBC and SKY are miss reporting it.

    Take a trip down Oxford Street in London, have a look at the Orange Shop, it is Orange, it says orange above the door, it has the Orange logo, people in the store ware Orange shirts that have the Orange logo printed on them.
    Ask the staff in there too who they work for and they too will say Orange.

    But the fact is the shop and the staff are not part of the Orange group they are simply a franchise that resell orange products.

    This also applies to most other Mobile Phone shops and electrical shops and even extends to some Nike shops.
    Your see brand names written and incorporated into most electrical shop signs and this is normal and standard behaviour.
    It does not make the shop fake!
    I didn’t read if you were also suggesting the products i.e. iPhones were fake.

  5. way to go birdabroad girl, keep unmasking those fake stores, I haven’t read through the whole post but I will as it’s interesting.

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