Alright, I Admit It

If you guessed that I’ve been hiding from my blog, you would be right.


Because I’ve got issues: I’ve got work issues, I’ve got visa issues, I’ve got bigtime issues with being sick of living in China. I’ve got direction-of-my-life issues and existential crisis issues. Plus it’s now below freezing here at night and we have no heat, which is a BIG issue for my fingers and toes. And I just haven’t felt like talking about any of it.

But I have done some beautiful traveling recently, and I haven’t posted anything about it. RP and I were in Vietnam (Hanoi, Haiphong, Cat Ba Island) in October, which was alternately hectic, chill and dazzling. We got to be there during the supposed 1,000th anniversary of the city, which was an opportunity for witnessing huge crowds of people wearing Vietnamese flags as bandanas, and for watching absolutely the most bureaucratic and boring celebratory anniversary TV broadcast I have ever seen! (And I live in China, so that’s saying something.)

Everything you’ve read about Hanoi is true: run-for-your-life street crossings, tasty noodles, great architecture in the historic district of the city  – although embattled, what with all the traffic. People trying to rip you off to make a buck. We made a brief stop in the small city of Haiphong, a couple hours to the east by train from Hanoi, which is a sleepy and less worthwhile version of that city, and then hopped over to Cat Ba Island to see the famed Halong Bay and lie on the beach.

Plus, someone actually agreed to rent me a motorcycle on Cat Ba Island, and I only crashed it spectacularly once! Victory.

Happy 1000th Birthday to Hanoi

Streets of Haiphong

Halong Bay, from Cat Ba Island

Halong Bay

Click here to see all photos from the trip.

One thought on “Alright, I Admit It

  1. HI what is the name of the food in the upper right portion of the picture, the one that looks like it is wrapped in coconut leaves?

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