Quick hit: Dinner in Kunming

Before we move on to Vietnam, I just want to point out one thing: in the 15+ months that I have lived in Kunming, I have increased my tolerance for spicey food by about a million times. This is because Yunnan takes a lot of cues in its cuisine from its northern neighbor Sichuan, but with a lot less subtlety. Basically, every meal I eat is spicy. I am, as the Chinese say, totally 厉害 (lihai, “way awesome”).

That said, the other night I ordered some take out food – a chicken dish that I knew would be a little spicy. What is pictured below is what I had to remove from the dish BEFORE I could put it into my mouth. This one goes out to you, NR. Dad, you may want to avert your eyes.

I'm lihai, but not this lihai.

4 thoughts on “Quick hit: Dinner in Kunming

  1. hope pics you send of vietnamese food will restore my appetite! loved European style buildings mixed in with western looking conference of midwives, brides in white and bugs on skewers! Better than our growing universe of big box stores and malls…

    look forward to hearing about hanoi and beach relaxation xxxx

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