Friday Love List

I know it’s Sunday, but I think I need to get back into the Love List habit to keep me from getting too bratty about life. So here’s a brief list of things to take note of my love for this week:

  • 杨梅 yangmei (“yahng-may”). I believe this is called a bayberry in English. No matter what you call it, it’s been the season for this fruit in Kunming for a few weeks now and it is absolutely my new favorite fruit. It’s a little sweet, a little tart, smaller than a pingpong ball and very juicy. They’re a little pricey if you buy them in a dedicated fruit shop, but cheap if you buy them from guys on the street.
  • The new Kunming Farmer’s Market. If you’ve been to a farmer’s market in, say, Berkeley, then you’re not going to be too impressed by this – but take my word for it when I tell you that the new KMG farmer’s market, to be held the first Sunday of every month, is a cool thing. It’s held in Cat’s Cradle Cafe and features people selling organic produce and other organic/homemade/crafty/insert-buzzword-here stuff. It’s very cute and grassrootsy and I got a nice pair of earrings and some organic eggs out of it.
  • The amount of tea paraphernalia available at the Kunming Tea Market. Now, I can’t claim to love the Tea Market itself, since it is a sprawling, permanently under construction, perennially empty affair. But! They have the most amazing amount of not only tea, but accessories to go with tea – tea cups, tea pots, wooden tools and trays for more traditionally Chinese tea serving, huge numbers of ridiculous little clay creatures that you are meant to pour tea over at the beginning of serving for good luck, furniture on which you should sit and drink tea, cabinets for displaying your tea accessories – you get the idea. It’s staggering. Click photos below for full album of Tea Market.

    Pour tea over these for good luck

And, most importantly:

  • My friend V. She and I worked together, hung out together, travelled to Burma together and saw each other practically every day for almost a year. Yesterday was her last day in Kunming before going back to the States. Kunming’s loss is Seattle’s gain. <sniff> Here are friends A, BirdAbroad, V and P on V’s last night in town.

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