Made it out alive!

Hello Readers!

I got back yesterday from two weeks in India, which I will be telling you all about in a few days once I sort through all the pictures and what’s left of my sanity (we saw some unforgettable sites but it turns out that 2 weeks traveling in India when it’s 100+ degrees every day doesn’t really count as a vacation).

Sit tight until then. And in case you’re wondering: yes, I did go to the Taj Mahal.

Friday Love List on the Run

This is going to be a quickie because I’m leaving for India in half an hour and I still need to wash a sink-ful of dishes. (YES! India. I’ll be there for two weeks, ostensibly to see my best friend from childhood get married in Kerala, but also to get out of China for a while. RP is already in Delhi and tells me that it is so dusty that we may need to get masks of some variety to protect our lungs…whatever. I need a break from Kunming and no amount of urban pollution is going to stop me.)

Anyway it’s been kind of a slow week in the things-I’m-loving department, so there’s really only this one:

  • Friendships rekindled. About four and a half years ago I did a bad thing to my friend RB – what she needed was support in a tough time, and instead I antagonized her in a misguided attempt at tough love. It didn’t work, and we didn’t speak for four years. Then, using Rosh Hashanah this year as an excuse, I finally apologized. She was the only person in the world with whom I had bad blood, and I finally realized that the whole thing was my fault and told her so. My reward for swallowing my pride and admitting that I was in the wrong is that I get to be friends with her again and, even though we’re thousands of miles apart, it is great to be back in her life. In case you’ve been looking for a sign that you should apologize to someone you’re fighting with, here’s your sign! You’ll feel much better afterwards, I promise.

Passport – check. Plane tix – check. Alka seltzer – check. India, here I come. I’ll be back with pictures (plus the rest of the pictures from Laos, courtesy of RP) in a couple weeks.

Everyone set your watches for April 13, when sister G will be turning 24!