Friday Love List

This Love List is dedicated to things that have nothing to do with my life in China at the moment. It’s been that kind of week.

  • Vancouver. I’ve been there twice. Dramatic scenery, politically progressive, rich cultural history, diverse population, excellent cinnamon buns.

    Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia

  • Radiolab. Everything I know I learned from this podcast.
  • Train travel. If you’re in the US, I recommend the Capitol Limited from DC to Pittsburgh.
  • Going to baseball games on the fly. I don’t know anything about baseball teams, but I always like picking up a pair of nosebleed tickets for $10 and rooting for the team of whatever stadium I’m in. I make an excellent, spontaneous fan.
  • Isadora Duncan. A free spirit. I did a biographical presentation on her for my whole 6th grade class wearing one of my mother’s night gowns.
  • Manischewitz macaroons, original flavor. They are delicious, remind me of my grandma, and come in a giant can. My grandma was a woman who appreciated things that came in cans.

    This is the chocolate kind - the original flavor is best

What’s on your Love List, dear readers?

6 thoughts on “Friday Love List

  1. Food above all!
    Benkert’s and Lesky’s 7 layer cake
    Standard brand Borodinsky Rye Bread
    Glaser’s black and white cookies
    Peter Luger steaks
    Doughnut Plant cinnamon buns
    Scot’s spaghetti carbonara

    When not eating:
    NY Public Library reference reading room
    Indian Wells beach in Amagansett
    Losing myself in a Brahms, Rachmaninoff, or Tchaikovsky symphony at Carnegie Hall of Avery Fisher
    Losing myself (what is this telling us) in Tristan un Isolde whether at the opera or via headphones
    Experiencing the Ring Cycle
    Trainride between Zurich and Zermatt
    Being Ross’ mom!!

  2. (1) Friends you haven’t seen in forever, but who you still love like family.
    (2) The miracle of the internet that makes it possible to stumble across their exploits at work on a Thursday morning.


    warm sun, cold snow, and hot chocolate.

  3. I am late but

    (1) my seesters
    (2) my girlfriends who i miss so much
    (3) my new rainboots
    (4) gaga – not over her.
    (5) bikram yoga! just gave it another try, really dug it
    (6) quinoa – recently discovered this hearty, healthful and easy-to-prepare treat and have been enjoying making up recipes which include it

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