Welcome back to my blog

(It’s time to get back on the wagon here, I think we can all agree.)

At the moment I’m on a business trip in Guangxi province – the province immediately to the east of Yunnan. I am in a hotel in Nanning, the capital city, and am so far enjoying the trip principally because the hotel has a bath tub (and oh, how I miss having a bath tub). You will understand what I mean when I show you pictures of this city.

Guangxi is the province that I lived in when I first came to China six years ago, and the strangeness of being in geographic proximity to that distant period of my life, along with the fact that this is my first post of 2010, has me fending off the temptation to do a classic “highlights of the last year of my life” blog post.

I will only say that 2009, particularly the latter half, contained many of the high points of the past six years of my life, and moving to China has brought me a clarity and sense of direction that would have been hard to imagine a year ago.

I will do a proper midterm review of my time here thus far in the near future, but for the moment here is an overview in pictures of the whirlwind route I have travelled in the past month:

1) Kunming

Kids in our neighborhood

2) Bingzhongluo

Khanike in the Himalayas

3) Kunming

Woman selling bird in the Bird and Flower Market

4) New York City…Ok I’ve got no pictures for this. It was a blur of wedding location hunting and rabbis. The only thing I can remember clearly is the delicious breakfast served up by future in-laws M & S. Yum.

5) Mattituck

Sister G on her snow hippo

6) Kunming

Christmas a la Kunming (I guess "reindeer" doesn't really translate)

7) Dali

Dali's Old Town courtesy of klinsii (it was a joyful New Year of no photo-taking for me)

8 ) Kunming

Public health propaganda

9) and finally…Nanning!

What does a world class city need but haze and overly rapid construction?

I’ll be going to an other city in Guangxi – Ningming – tomorrow. Apparently the two-hour ride is beautiful — reminiscent of the Guangxi town I used to live in, surrounded by karst peaks. Here’s hoping.

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