Quick hit: Khanike in the Himalayas

There’s nothing like arriving home at 5:45am after a 23-hour trip to make you feel like you’re ready to head to the office for a vigorous day of work. Right?

I’m back from visiting RP; an idyllic couple of days in a tiny town, perched in a lush corner of the southeastern Himalayas that is home mostly to Nu and Tibetan people – bookended by a slightly hellish couple of days getting there and back. The nights were freezing, but the days were warm and clear. He’s got the pictures, so I can’t yet show you proof that we lit Khanike candles at 11,427 feet – but we did.

So I dare you to explore the map of where I was this weekend. If you really want to give yourself a headache, check out the “Terrain” view.

And now, off to work…

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