Back Next Week

I’m setting off after work today for northwest Yunnan to see RP for a few days, so I won’t be posting this weekend.

I thought I would leave you with some pictures from an epic day trip that we took a couple weekends ago, to the “Stone Forest”, a geological wonder of craggy peaks about an hour and a half outside Kunming.

The secret to Stone Forest – should you ever have occasion to go there – is that there is a nicely curated, charmingly old-fashioned section of the park close to the entrance where most people stay. There you can wander among little paths and sit at stone benches and marvel at the rock formations rising around you – it’s a bit like seeing exotic animals in a zoo.

But for the real adventure you have to keep going, keep walking past the crowds of people and get yourself out of the maze: beyond there lies a vast area of open land with rocky outcrops and tangles of “karst honeycombs” to get lost in for hours – like seeing exotic animals on safari.

We were the last people out of the park as the sun was setting.

Click photo below to see more.

2 thoughts on “Back Next Week

  1. Loved the Stone Forest too when RP and I were there in 2003–and got my first look at some of Yunnan’s minority people there, not realizing the importance they would come to play in RP’s life!

  2. You throw stones in the pond, not knowing where the ripples will land. We are going to be in Kunming in just a few weeks (as part of a ‘the kids need to know something about China’ journey). Thanks for a practical tip (also tagged the one about the hot pools in Anning). Btw, since your post on the fish nibbling thing at Anning, some spas in Europe have imported those fish to use during fancy pedicures. The Irish health authorities went nuts 🙂

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