Quick hit: Burma photos posted

**UPDATED: Sorry the link to my photos wasn’t working. See below for all the photos.**

They’re not labeled yet, but they’re all up , divided into 5 parts for each of the places we spent a lot of time: Rangoon, Shwedagon Pagoda (which is in Rangoon), Bago (2 hours away from Rangoon), Mandalay (a couple hours’ flight from Rangoon) and Bagan (9 hour bus ride from Mandalay).

Click on the teaser photo of Shwedagon Pagoda at dusk to see all the pics! Here are the pics in sections:

Around Rangoon

Shwedagon Pagoda




3 thoughts on “Quick hit: Burma photos posted

  1. one photo looks so tantalizing but cannot get at the rest of Burma…but did get to have my heart rate increase looking at the paragliding photos!xxx

  2. Thanks for setting the photos up by location-terrific! Love the Shwedagon ones especially and could use some lessons in how you got some of those night shots.

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