Friday Love List

Welcome back to the Friday Love List, readers!

This being my first week back after Burma, I love several things:

  • Being able to talk to everyone around me in more than 1-word bursts (in Burma I was basically limited to “toilet?”, “chicken?”, and “hello!” – not in that order).
  • Propaganda that is at least semi-couched in progressive messages. Good ‘ole China may be authoritarian, but it’s not at the level of giant billboards reading “The Tatmadaw Shall Never Betray the National Cause!” At least not anywhere near my apartment.
  • The cool, Himalayan, Kunming weather. I have never been so disgustingly sweaty and appalling so many days in a row as when I was in Burma. It was 8,000 degrees and between 11am and 3pm I could actually feel the flesh melting off my arms. This was weather that involved applying sun screen every 2 hours (which is so gross when you are already sweaty), sun glasses, a baseball hat and an umbrella. I looked like a really sticky, sunburnt moron. One of the less offensive photos is below (more to come soon, I promise):

…and finally, (and this is so girly that I can’t believe I’m about to say it):

  • I love my engagement ring. I’m not going to post a picture of it here because that is absurd (…and also you’ve all seen it already), but it is purple and perfect. RP has excellent taste. I’ve already been almost-killed several times because I was stealing glimpses at it while walking across the street. Sometimes I look at the pictures I took of it WHILE IT’S STILL ON MY HAND. Because I love it that much. Yes I just admitted that.

Happy weekend!

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