L’shanah Tovah, Comrades

Rosh Hashanah comes to Kunming! Well, sort of – it’s not like I blew the shofar over the Panlong River or anything.

Mmmm drippy

Mmmm drippy

But last night I did take my friends out for dinner to a restaurant where they serve traditional Yunnan food and smuggled in a bottle of California red, a bag of apples, honey and bread (that, although it only comes in little rolls, tastes exactly like challah I swear). While we waited for our dishes to arrive I explained to them what Rosh Hashanah is meant to be about and we dipped the apples and bread in the honey and drank the wine and it was good.

Welcome to 5770, y’all.

P.S. New year, new haircut. Sorry the picture’s so weird – it was actually hard to take this photo for some reason.

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