Tardy Friday Love List

Sigh – another Friday Love List on a Sunday! Sorry, I’m a little behind this week. To make up for it I posted a whole bunch of new pictures on my Picasa album. And now to the list:

  • My fellowship*. As you all know, the reason that I have my current job is because I applied for a fellowship that eventually got me access to working at this organization. I’ve never been moved to contribute financially to any of the institutions that I have been a part of, but I realized yesterday that when I’m done with this year or two I will write them a little check to help other people have the kind of opportunities that I’m being offered here. The shot I’ve been given through this fellowship is probably in the process of changing the whole direction of my life.
  • Jin Dian. Today RP and I went to Jin Dian (the “Golden Palace”) which is a temple at the northern tip of Kunming’s lush and enormous Expo Gardens. It was a perfect Kunming day, and I was thoroughly impressed by Jin Dian’s range of towering tree and shady spots for relaxing. I will admit to having a serious moment of schadenfreude thinking of how they must be suffering through the sweltering August weather in Beijing and Shanghai, while here we were strolling through flowers with the breeze on our faces.

  • Har gao. There is a Cantonese-style neighborhood restaurant around the corner from our apartment, the nearest place to get decent dim sum. I swear, har gao must be laced with crack or something because I could eat a pile of these things any time – first thing in the morning, middle of the night, after just having consumed a giant meal of something else, etc. YUMMO.
(Image courtesy of lemonchicken)

(Image courtesy of lemonchicken)

Hope everyone has a good Sunday! If you’re in a place that serves brunch, please do it up properly in my honor. I miss smoked salmon like it’s my business. But hey, I’ve got camels over here, so we’re about even.

Rando camel outside Jin Dian

Rando camel outside Jin Dian

*I know, it’s silly to keep up the pretense. Eventually I’ll give up this thin veil of anonymity.

One thought on “Tardy Friday Love List

  1. loved the pics of the park–I was there but did not seem to take pics or I did them the old fashioned way and they are in an album somewhere! What is that fish RP has in front of him (and eating or was it just for the effect?).

    would love to know more about guayanin–I understood her to be more or less a feminist goddess? You may recall I have a wood carving of her at 45 SPS

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