Beating the blahs

Well. I hadn’t meant to leave it a whole week between posts, but this week has been kind of mediocre so I was uninspired to post.

Last weekend my office was meant to meet at a hotel to do some planning for next year, and I took this to mean that we should show up with our laptops ready to do a day’s work. In fact, I literally didn’t get the memo (something’s up with my work email) that we would be staying overnight at this far-off hotel to make the most of the next morning. So I didn’t bring anything – toothbrush, clean shirt, nada.

My office kidnapped me and sent me away to a random hotel on the outskirts of Kunming for 2 days without so much as a spare pair of underpants. Nice.

Anyway, the rest of this week has proceeded along much the same lines (although at least I’ve taken care of the underpants part). In an effort to banish  my swampy state of mind, I am therefore leaving Kunming for the weekend to go to Jianshui. I hope it’s as nice as it looks in the pictures – my own photos will come soon.



One thought on “Beating the blahs

  1. thanks!

    your work-kidnap story is actually my worst nightmare. i am SO SORRY.

    going to memphis in the morning!

    miss you so much. xx

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