In case you hadn’t heard, there was a solar eclipse today (the longest that will occur in the entire 21st century!) that was viewable across parts of (mostly) India and China. In Kunming, there was never totality, but the sun was about 80% eclipsed just past 9am here. I stood on a bank of the Panlong River and watched.

The universe is amazing

The universe is amazing

You really need to go look at my photos in full screen to get the full effect. They’re all uploaded to my Picasa account here.

By way of explanation of some of them: it seems that many people in Kunming don’t carry around sunglasses, or even own them at all. So people were looking through every manner of shaded thing trying to  look at the eclipse: tinted bits of glass, strips of camera film and – most popularly – x-ray films. I don’t know if everyone raided a clinic this morning or if people just keep these around, but it was a hilarious sight.

Whatcha lookin at, doc?

Diagnosis: Solar Eclipse

Diagnosis: Solar Eclipse

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