Culture shock part 2?

Something major has happened in my attitude since my last post. Although I was trying not focus on it, last week was a pretty crappy week. I had been feeling sick all week, and was feeling frustrated, tired and cranky. I didn’t feel like doing much or being social.

Last Friday I passed on the opportunity to go to mushroom hotpot with most of my coworkers because I was practically cross-eyed with nausea, and was feeling guilty about not being social. But I went home nonetheless, and relaxed watching a goofy French movie. I can’t explain what happened exactly, but a the end of the movie I realized that I felt so much better – and that I just wanted to get outside and go for a run. I had recently purchased some fancy stretchy pants in anticipation of attending a yoga class (but then it cost the equivalent of US$10! What a rip off…), so I hopped into them and bounded outside.

It was the most beautiful night I’d seen in Kunming so far – the air was warm, the sky was completely clear. I headed towards Cuihu (“Green Lake”) and wandered among trees strung with white Christmas lights (or whatever they’d call them here). It seemed like the whole city was out enjoying the evening – walking their dogs, eating ice cream, sitting outside and having a beer. I suddenly remembered that this was what a really good mood felt like – I was jubilant, for god’s sake…

I’m not sure what did it, but it seemed like suddenly the spell of my crappy week had been broken. I’m going to say, in retrospect that week two here was stage two of culture shock. And that now I’m in stage 3 (this would be the “adjustment” phase, when you get back to living normal life, develop routines, etc.). This is all extremely convenient because it means that PRACTICALLY ANY SECOND NOW, I’m going to be feeling right at home!

This might all be a bunch of garbage also, but I can say that going to work no longer makes me nervous, I’m starting to make friends, I’m set up with most of my basic needs, and I think everything is going to be alright.

Now if only RP were here. Sigh.

2 thoughts on “Culture shock part 2?

  1. I love you! Everything is going to be alright! Also you’re amazing for being in stage 3 already after less than 3 weeks. Your run sounds beautiful. LIKE YOUR FACE! xxx

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