I had an extremely stressful day today, after which I got home, collapsed on the couch and thought, “Ok, what can I do to relax?”

Then the whole apartment started to sway back and forth.

I sat dumbstruck for a few seconds before grabbing my keys, locking the apartment door (nice one, Jessica; 安全第一!) and running down the hall. I was joined by other people thundering down the emergency stairs; while I had been freaked out before, it was seeing how scared other people were that really make me afraid.

We all hung around outside for a while and then, since no one told us what to do, eventually we all went back in. I might have gone for a walk around the city or something, but I had no jacket, was wearing plastic shower shoes and was feeling the need to collapse into a little ball.

My favorite website, USGS.gov, informs me that it was a magnitued 5.5 earthquake with the epicenter over 100 miles WNW from Kunming.

This wasn’t my first earthquake; when we lived in San Francisco we had maybe 10 seconds of shaking one night. But I have to admit: whereas my first thought in San Francisco was, “Ooh, how exciting! The kitchen is moving!” my first thought here was, “Shit. I can’t believe my last meal on this earth was those crappy fried noodles.”

2 thoughts on “Quake!

  1. Scary!!! But also a little funny, re: the noodles. I can see myself feeling the same way..like, WHERE IS THE PEANUT BUTTER ITS AN EMERGENCY.

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