Walmart #137

Tiring day – mentally, more than physically. It’s going to take a me a little while to figure out how to relax in this city. It was full of things like accidentally wandering into Kunming’s Walmart (on the walls of which I was informed that China now has 152 Walmarts) which was mobbed with people and light on signs telling you how to get the hell out of there.

But I’ll just say this, indicative of the kind of day I had: I made my first really bad meal choice today. Lunch was 黄瓜皮蛋汤。That last character means soup. As I was sitting in the restaurant, I couldn’t remember what kind of 瓜 (squash/melon, etc.) 黄瓜 was. Whatever! Squash soup. The third and fourth characters stumped me for a minute – “leather egg”? What could that be? Whatever! Squash and egg soup. Yum.

Yeah turns out it was cucumber and 1,000 year old egg soup. For those of you who have not experienced 1,000 year old eggs (remember these from Singapore, Mom and Dad?!), this is what they look like:

So picture those chopped up, with strips of cucumber, in hot water with some oil on top. At least it was a really BIG bowl of soup.

It’s been a taxing day.

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