Let’s Go Pens!

If you don’t understand the title of this post, then clearly you are not in post-Stanley-Cup-win-Pittsburgh, like I am.

In advance of our departure from the US (in my case) and the East Coast (in RP’s case) we’ve taken a couple of trips to regional American cities. A couple weeks ago we were in Detroit for 5 days (the excuse being the Detroit Electronic Music Festival) exploring the city, and we’re just wrapping up a few days in Pittsburgh (the excuse being the Phish concert in Burgettstown) after a stopover in DC.   

To the critics who claim there is no way you could occupy yourself in this city for multiple days (ahemBigSisterahem) let me say: you have been served by PGH. This is a great town. List of some of the things we have done since being here:

Plus, we took the Capitol Limited to get here from DC, which was a beautiful ride. So, World: I recommend Pittsburgh to you unreservedly. 

RP recently wrote an article for OpenDemocracy with thoughts on our trip to Detroit, so I will leave that to him: “Letter from Motor City”.

I will also leave you with the sound of the Screaming Piha!