Bay Ridge by Night

I just came back from a nighttime jog around my neighborhood – yes, it is Saturday night, but I went out drinking and to a concert last night, so THERE. Walking outside at night, preferably in near-total darkness, has a healing effect on me.

Today has been a day of quiet – I slept in this morning and woke up to soft rain, the whole world looking leafy and green (the spring leaves all having unfurled at once, it seems). Today was a day of relaxation befitting my first day post job-quitting. Yesterday was my last day at work in NYC, and my whole team (in fact everyone I knew at my organization) was very sweet about it; toasting me with champagne, wishing me well, promising me a job upon my return to New York. The president of the organization gave me a little parting gift, courtesy of the director of our Beijing office:

Despite the fact that it looks like a maxipad, it is in fact a hygienic face mask. Thanks, Dr. G – whaaat a comedian…

I thought today might feel like the moment after you hand in your final paper of the semester – relief, left-over energy buzzing around your head – but it doesn’t. Although it wasn’t my dream job, I was a little sad to actually walk out the door of my office for the last time. Now I only have the future to prepare for (a week-long trip to Toronto/Detroit in a couple weeks, maybe a final party in our apartment, then Boston, DC, possibly a few other locations, and then – China!). It’s not sinking in yet – maybe tomorrow.

As usual, my run around outside brought up lots of swirling thoughts, and reminded me that I’ve been wanting to write something about my sisters (of whom I have two, one older (M) and one younger (G)). Not on my previous list of Things We’ll Miss were my parents and my sisters. RP might not say out loud that he will miss his family, but I’ll say it. This year in NYC has been the first that I have lived near my family in seven years, and now I’m off again. Particularly, it is the most I have seen my sisters in as long as I can remember, and I have been reminded this whole year how important they are to me.

I’ll save more on that for a future post, but tonight I miss them already.

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