What We’ll Miss

Having finally set a start date for my new job, I now have a full set of countdowns going. Here are the relevant dates:

  • Last day at my current job: May 1
  • Last day in our apartment: June 1
  • Leave date for Kunming (via Shanghai): June 28 (at 2am…)
  • Start date at new job: July 1
  • RP arrives in Kunming: August 17

All of this counting-down inevitably leads to an evaluation of my current surroundings. As a shorthand for that, and inspired by Lulu, here is a list of things that RP and I will miss when we go to China (in no specific order). Some of these things are New York-specific, some are general to the US or Western culture. I’ll update the list as we think of new things:

  • drinking tap water
  • cheese
  • good alcohol
  • great coffee
  • a diversity of sophisticated, publicly available art (music, theater, etc.)
  • hearing lots of languages on the street
  • being able to see friends and family casually
  • a general sense of efficiency
  • English language books & libraries
  • queuing
  • Jewish culture (between us, we’re 75% Jewish)
  • no internet firewall
  • freedom of speech
  • no-smoking areas
  • a feeling of social transparency
  • not having to bargain for everything
  • anonymity
  • baked goods

Of course, there is a long list of things that RP and I are looking forward to, but these things – some small and some enormous – and people will be alternately be missed, longed for and fetishized. That’s how it goes.

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